Success Of Safeguard Soap By Procter and Gamble

The key in identifying the marketing strength of Safeguard is its history. Being the first in the market as a germicidal soap is the foundation of its success. Procter and Gamble (P&G) has been consistent on its marketing strategy by rumoring the brand through advertising, sales promotion and public relations as family soap and life saving hygiene habit among is consumers. Safeguard has been dominating the market for over 40 years. The Core Of its market as the soap of the Entire family gives the broader range of target market.
Clinical tests show that Safeguard reduces bacterial skin count by 99. 3%. In 1 966 Safeguard goes international, and launches in the Philippines. Today they’re in 15 international markets and counting! The first of many scientific studies proving the efficacy of Safeguard is published in 1967. In this groundbreaking study, research showed that Safeguard reduces skin infections by 44. For the rest of the decade, Safeguard continues to Outperform leading soaps in the market with its unique combination of effective germ protection and mildness.
In the sass’s, Safeguard transforms into the perfect bar soap to protect the whole family. “Richer, Livelier Lather Safeguard -? The Perfect Family Soap” with coconut oil. In 1 989 Safeguard partnered with Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMELA) for the first “Hangdog Eng Safeguard: Methods Eng Kinshasa” Scholarship Program. For more than 20 years, Safeguard and PAMELA have worked together to promote health and hygiene education mongo Filipino families. Together, they have taught countless Filipinos the importance of hand washing to protect families from germs and diseases.

In the sass’s Safeguard reaches more families than ever around the world as the brand is launched in international markets including China and Pakistan In 1 992 Safeguard introduces its first Liquid Antibacterial Soap. In 1966 Safeguard goes international, and launches in the Philippines. Today they’re in 15 international markets and counting! By the sass’s Safeguard becomes the largest anti-bacterial soap in the world with a steady stream of innovations including Body Wash (2004), Liquid Hand Soap (2010) and Hand Sanitized (201 1) Safeguard has been No. Soap brand in the Philippines for decades. Its brand promise of superior skin germ protection has kept families healthy and germ free for generations. But in 201 3, that position was under threat because of changing consumer attitudes. The Filipinos’ triggers for soap were changing especially those teenagers who are prone to acne. They were no longer satisfied by simply protection. They are looking for a soap that will make them beautiful as celebrities. So Safeguard created a new product which is Safeguard Dermal soap that helps teenagers gets rid Of it.
But aside from increase of hormones, dirt and pollution are also cause of acne. So Safeguard created a brand-breaking news service focused on hygiene risk. Family on Guard partnered with media network, ABS-CB used real news to help both parents in protecting their family. This made them realize that using safeguard as skin germ protection is important. And Sales grew by nearly $mm during the campaign, helping to sell an extra 14 million bars of Safeguard in just six months. II STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Nowadays there are so many diseases that spreading in this world.
For us, health is one of the most important things. So we need to protect our health and keep ourselves from viral diseases. However there are currently so many germicidal soaps. It is difficult to determine what is true from what is fake. To know how media marketing affects the buying behavior Of the consumers, We need to consider these problems. 1 What kind of soap the respondents are using mostly? 2 Where do buyers usually purchase Safeguard soap? 3 What do buyers think on the pricing of Safeguard soap? 4 What type of media marketing of Safeguard soap is the most effective to the buyers?
Ill OBJECTIVES A GENERAL OBJECTIVE The objective of this research is to identify the strength of Safeguard germicidal soap. And on how its media marketing influence the buying behavior of selected GET, CEDE, and CASE freshmen students of New Era university. B SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES Know the opinions of consumers for the Safeguard soap according to its usage. Know where buyers usually purchase Safeguard soap. Know the opinions of consumers on the pricing of Safeguard soap. Know the most effective media marketing of Safeguard soap to the buyers.
IV HYPOTHESIS There is no significant relation between the consumers and the media racketing of Safeguard germicidal soap in the buying behavior. V CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Conceptual framework is a type of intermediate theory that has the potential to connect all the aspects of inquiry to our research. Conceptual frameworks give coherence to our empirical inquiry. Because conceptual frameworks are potentially so close to empirical inquiry, they take different forms depending upon our research in our questions or problem.
A research paradigm of the influence of safeguard soap media marketing in the buying behavior of selected freshmen students GET, CASE, CEDE in new era university was nationalized by the researcher to know the possible help will be provide by the researcher in the buying behavior of the selected freshmen in new era university. Through this we came up to potential output: Due to health benefits of safeguard soap, costumers do purchase the product, Prizing of Safeguard soap is affordable for every consumer, Consumers can buy safeguard soap twice a month as they needed.
Through this study, we will be able to understand how Safeguard soap media marketing can influence teenagers when it comes to hygiene and how advertisements affect the youths purchasing decision. For the Company of Safeguard Soap: Know how their advertisements affect their customers’ purchasing behavior. Know the possible action they can use against their competitors. Know what strategies they can use to attract loyal customers. Be an instrument of innovation for their new product. Make higher sales for their company.
For the Customers: Customers will enjoy more the benefits Of safeguard soap if the company innovates or creates a new product. Customers will be informed on how Safeguard soap different from other soap. And make many purchase decisions easier. The customers will determine how advertisements really effect ones behavior. For the School Administration: Partial fulfillment of the requirements in the marketing research subject Can be use as a guide for undergraduate students in their marketing research subject. Can be use for the library as a reference.
Help the marketing department of the school about promotional strategies. Make students more knowledgeable about the P Corporation. For the Future Researchers: use this as a reference in conducting other research studies. Help future researchers to come up with better recommendations. Use this as a source of information about how media marketing influence Ones buying behavior. This study focuses on the consumers’ exposure to Safeguard Germicidal soap advertisements, and how its media marketing influence the freshmen GET, CEDE, and CASE student of New Era University.
This research was conducted during the month of July to October 2014 at New Era University. The targeted group of respondents for this research are female and male freshmen students whose weekly allowances may range below 500 to 1000 and above. The researchers choose the female and male freshmen students as the respondent. Since the respondents are freshmen and young, there’s an instant that they become unconscious to their hygiene. The researcher interests how these respondents become conscious and affect their buying behaviors.
The researchers consider this amount due to the level of lives of the respondents. This research considered the freshmen students of College of Engineering Technology and College of Education, due to their very concentrated studies. These kind of students sometimes forgot to take care of their self, especially to their hygiene, that fact caught the attention of the researchers. This research considered also the students of College of Arts And Sciences. The researcher knows that the student in this college is practiced to care their hygiene, which also caught the attention of the researcher.

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Success Of Safeguard Soap By Procter and Gamble
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