Strengths and Weaknesses of Marxism Ideology

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Strengths and Weaknesses of Marxism Ideology. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The strength of Marxism is widely and readily felt since concepts in all scholarly disciplines can be understood and interpreted through Marxist lenses. While the strength of Marxism cannot be denied, its weaknesses should also be acknowledged, as shall be seen in the discourse which ensues forthwith. To help underscore the strengths and weaknesses of Marxism, all political and socio-economic developments that have taken place under the Obama Administration are used for the case study.

Like any other theory or ideology, Marxism has its strengths and weaknesses, but the magnanimity of Marxism override these weaknesses, so that it is accurate to say that Marxism is the best theoretical and ideological module for understanding the [American] society, its systems, structures, and operations.

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Marxism Ideology
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One of the strong points of Marxism is that it looks at the development of human society comprehensively. Marxism acknowledges the development of society as being based on the development of forces of production. This quality or advantage of Marxism is underscored by the fact that the development of machinery or tools increases the productivity of human labor and that this development also affects the size of the total population that the society can support and division of labor and specialization to the most elaborate extent possible in a society. Again, it is a fact that all human societies are predicated upon the organization of production. The same is underscored by the fact that the struggle of ideas in the society reflects class struggle in the society also confirms this. Ideas of the ruling class are less dominant and are constantly being challenged in the US because of the highly democratic nature of the US and the chasm between the haves and have-nots is relatively narrow.

Another advantage in Marxism is its ability to look at human society as a complex whole.

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