Strategies for Literacy Development in Young Children.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Instructional Strategies for Literacy Development in Young Children. The applied intervention must meet the requirements of the learner is seeking to achieve specific outcomes.

Language enhancement instructions are employed in seeking to enable the children to learn a language in rider to be able to communicate with other members of the society. This approach can be utilized for toddlers who are less than three years old and commonly involves adults seeking to encourage children to speak. This can be undertaken through engaging the children in activities which involve direct communication (Dunst, Simkus, & Hamby, 2012). Speaking to children for example is a way through which children with and without disabilities can be introduced to language enhancement interventions for literacy development. This approach is comprehensive because of the active involvement of grown-up and other individuals with a proficient understanding of the language being learnt. The language can be exchanged between the children and the adults who are assisting the children to learn.

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Strategies for Literacy Development in Young Children.
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Another effective strategy which can be utilized for enhancing literacy development among toddlers is phonological awareness. This involves the utilization of various activities which are aimed at understanding that the language and words develop from sounds which children commonly make. It is common as children begin developing language skills to pronounce certain syllables for long words. Encouragement of these pronunciations enhances the children’s literacy learning activities by activation of the phonological memory (Ziolkowski & Goldstein, 2008). Through this memory, the children are able to remember a sound, which marks the beginning of an understanding of the social environment, and early development of literacy skills. Children with disabilities can utilize this literacy development strategy in enhancing language development during the early stages, although those with mental impairments might take longer to&nbsp.develop phonological memory.

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