Strategic Human Resource Development

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Strategic Human Resource Development. Your paper should be a minimum of 2250 words in length. These factors include: (1) the need for new technology as a result of significant changes in the company’s processes, the redesigning of managerial work, the erosion of the difference between technical and general managers borne of decision support systems, the availability of important information and knowledge even at the lower levels, and the need of the market for a more rapid development. (2) the drive for quality as pushed by business pressures requiring higher quality product designs and services, necessity for deeper understanding of international standards within the context of top-quality programmes, and the need to know how to satisfy the customer. (3) the advent of new competitive arrangements as consequences of the changes in regulatory contexts like privatization, regularization and changing into agency status, increased joint venture and strategic alliance arrangements, and the growing number of mergers, diversifications, takeovers and acquisitions. (4) the inevitable internationalization of business which consequently bring about the so-called globalization of markets and the emergence of relatively new economic groupings like the European market or the Pacific Rim region. (5) the need for more flexible and responsive organization which entails decentralized systems in mature and declining industries, pressures for performance improvement, moving from highly bureaucratic systems, and increase of small firms growing from start-up, maturity and decline stages.

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Strategic Human Resource Development
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