Still I Rise

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Still I Rise. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The historical period that the Maya worked on her poem was full of racial discrimination as well as oppression against Women. The situation is evident in her bibliography as well as all her works that seem to oppose and fight a certain form of oppression and social inequality. Maya’s young age made her witness racial segregation and even as a young woman, she was the first black woman to serve as a commuter car operator. It means that black women were not allowed to do certain jobs at during that time. In 1950’s Maya got involved in civil rights movement in many parts of the world including Cairo Egypt and Ghana. She met Malcolm X and even got much involved in the civil rights revolution that demanded equity among people from different races. The assassination was a common trait among the prominent activists in the United States. According to her autobiography, Malcolm X was assassinated at the time when Maya had started working with her.

People have various sources where they generate power with some opting for money, others taking advantage of historical conveniences and others taking advantage of family. According to Angelou Maya, everyone has an internal potential that can be nurtured to create a bigger image that the whole society can find reference to. A person needs are determination and hope that they can become useful in future. According to Maya’s work, it does not matter the current oppression or social disadvantage. The disadvantages can spark creativity just like Maya who realized her legendary talent and creativity in poetry.

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Still I Rise
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