Statistics Unit 3

Unit 3 Assignment
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 Heart Rate Data Set.xlsx (16.008 KB)

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Statistics Unit 3
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Unit 3: Descriptive Statistics
Evaluation Title:  Assignment 3 Rubric
In this assignment, you will be required to calculate descriptive statistics for each numeric variable in the Heart Rate Dataset

Open the Heart Rate Dataset in Excel
Sort the quantitative variables by class (e.g., Male at-rest heart rate and Female at-rest heart rate)
Use the Data Analysis tools of Excel to calculate each of the following statistics:
Mean of each quantitative variable
Sample variance of each quantitative variable
Sample standard deviation of each quantitative variable
Create a  table in Excel that summarizes the statistics for each variable.
Transfer your summary results to Word, and briefly explain your calculated results.

Additional Instructions:
Your assignment should be typed into a Word or other word processing document, formatted in APA style. The assignments must include

Running head
A title page with

Assignment name
Your name
Professor’s name

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