statistical quality control

1. Construct a top-down flow chart or a logic flow chart by selecting one of the following options
(a). For the students who have taken TECH 1008 class, you may want to construct a top-down flow chart of making a harbor bell, starting from preparing the bell sides until a totally completed bell. Also identify which step(s) could be critical for quality control
(b). Assume that students are familiar with airline check-in process. Construct a logical flow chart for the process of taking an airline flight from the time you arrive at the airport till the time you sit down in your seat on the airplane.
(c). Assume that students are familiar with grocery shopping. Construct a logical flow chart for the process of going to the grocery store to do the week’s food shopping. The shopping trip should begin with making a shopping list and end when all the food is put away at home.
(a)Below are hypothetical data on the frequency of complaints from grocery shoppers at the local Value Mart. Construct a Pareto chart from this information using Microsoft Excel, including the columns of frequency, frequency percentage, and cumulative frequency percentage. Be sure to use correct labels, column and line on the Pareto chart.
No parking
No carts
Items not in stock
produce not fresh
price scan incorrectly
store too cold
check out lines too long
(b). Summarize your finding from the Pareto chart. If you were the manager/owner of this grocery store, what strategies you may want to implement for improving the quality of this store.
3. Look into books or on internet for an example of cause-and-effect diagram (with good resolution so that I can see). Be sure to include a full reference to where you found the chart.

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