Southeastern Nations during the U.S Hegemonic period (1820-1870)

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Southeastern Nations during the U.S Hegemonic period (1820-1870): The Multidimensional Colonial Relations. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This aspect will be herein discussed in the paper and an analysis provided to prove that although the colonial arguments provided an attempt to explain the social structures among the southeastern nations there are other better arguments that can be used in finding the path towards the social change patterns among the South Easterners.

1. The South Eastern nations refer to the Chickasaw, Creek, Cherokee and the Choctaw nations that are comprised of the Natives. The US hegemony was the dramatic time that led to the drastic changes that were consistent with the interests and the values of the Natives. It had key effects on the Southeastern nations that include the ability of the nations to define themselves. On the other hand, the geopolitical environment refers to the cultural system that is able to gain relative autonomy from different societies through international relations and the diplomatic national policies (Champagne 2007: 131). With this, they are able to have an influence on societal developments. This led to the engendering if the Southeasterners in terms of their constitutional government and their national constitutions in varied ways (Champagne 2007: 161). In particular, the differing external geopolitical environments engendered the U.S hegemony for the South Eastern nations by having a major connection with the revitalization movement that brought a lot of changes in the Delaware society (Champagne 2007: 224). It also affected the constitutional government and the national identities among the southeastern nations in the sense that the directions that the Southeastern nations were able to take were controlled and led according to their own interests and values. This can be illustrated through the formation of the modern secular culture, the normative order and nationalism (Champagne 2007: 256).&nbsp.In conclusion, the social change in the Southeastern nations and the US hegemony though with the different political-cultural, social and political relations, was still able to preserve the core aspects of the traditional values, cultures and the social organization (Champagne 2007: 252).

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Southeastern Nations during the U.S Hegemonic period (1820-1870)
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