Software Decisions and IT Teams

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Prepare a 2–3 page document that addresses the questions below. A title page and reference page must be included.
Section I: Software Purchasing Strategies
In this course, we have covered many types of business technology. Review the software products that we have examined in this course.

Choose three business technologies that you would consider purchasing for your business. Then, find and describe an example of an open-source software alternative for each.

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Software Decisions and IT Teams
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Section II: Technology Teams
Discuss the following in the context of your current or future entertainment business:

What are the pros and cons of outsourcing an IT team?
How would these advantages and disadvantages affect your decisions either way?

You will submit 1 item:

Your project should include research and citations. You may use MS Word or the word processing program of your choice.
Name your file using this naming convention: LastName_FirstInitial_AssignmentTitle (for example, SORKIN_A_AssignmentName.docx).
Upload your files to the Completion field below.

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