Sociology journal

Journal Requirements:
· Each journal entry should be at least one page in length (250+ words). Entries may be single or double-spaced.
· Students are required to address eight of the journal topics provided below.
· Ideal entries should employ several examples from your own experiences and the course materials to defend your perspectives or to support your arguments. Outside resources may be used in preparing your entries. If using outside resources, proper citation is required (any citation format is acceptable).
· Journals will be graded according to content, accuracy, and the degree of knowledge and analytical insight produced in your responses. Proper grammar and spelling are expected!
Journal Topics
Address eight of the following journal topics:
1. To understand peoples’ behaviors, sociologists look at their social location–the corners in life that people occupy because of their place in society. Sociologist look at how jobs, income, education, gender, race-ethnicity, and age affect people’s ideas and behavior. For this entry, please describe how each of these elements have influenced your self-concept and behavior. All students must complete this journal entry.
2. Sociologists define a subculture as a group whose values and related behaviors distinguish its members from the general culture. For this entry, please identify any subcultures that you belong to. Why do you think that your group is a subculture and not a counterculture? What is your group’s relationship to the mainstream culture?
3. Erving Goffman developed dramaturgy where everyday life is analyzed in terms of the stage. For this entry, use dramaturgy to analyze a situation with which you are intimately familiar (i.e. interaction with your family, friends, work, or in one of your college/high school classes).
4. Sociologists divide groups into primary groups, secondary groups, in-group, out-groups, reference groups, and networks. For this journal entry, please identify your in-groups and your out-groups. How have your in-groups influenced the way you see the world? How have out-groups affected your views?
5. Social class leaves no aspect of life untouched. It affects our chances of dying early, becoming ill, receiving good health care, and getting divorced. Social class membership also affects child rearing, educational attainment, religious affiliation, political participation, the crimes people commit, and their contact with the criminal justice system. For this journal entry, please describe three ways social class is having an ongoing impact on your life.
6. The nature versus nurture debate refers to whether differences in the behaviors of males and females are caused by inherited (biological) or learned (cultural) characteristics. For this entry, explain your position on the “nature versus nurture” debate. In your response, please use material from the chapter on Sex and Gender to support your position.
7. A hundred years ago, sociologist W. E. B. Du Bois said “The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line–the relation of the darker to the lighter races.” Using specific examples, please discuss why the color line remains one of the most volatile topics facing the United States.
8. Given the trends towards higher numbers of divorces and more children born out of wedlock, should the legal system make it more difficult for married couples to obtain a divorce, and harder for people to cohabit outside of marriage, especially if children are involved? In your opinion, how can the people and/or the government change culture to strengthen families and marriages?

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