SNAP/ Self Sufficiency Shopping

Due Wednesday by 11:59pm
Points 20
Submitting a text entry box or a file upload

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Self-sufficiency / SNAP shopping
Points:           20 Points
Due Date:     05/9
Part I.  Self-Sufficiency (10 points)
Imagine you are a social worker and you must help your clients do budgets, set realistic budgetary goals, or know if they are eligible for social insurance, in-kind benefits, entitlements or cash assistance programs.  In order to do this, you must know what a self-sufficient income in Seattle. For this part of the assignment you must figure out how much will it cost you to live as a single parent with a 3-year-old.  To accomplish this, you will fill out the table below, calculating expenses.
To complete this part of the assignment:

Review the table below and fill out the middle column (“Initial guess”), where you make an estimate of the overall monthly amounts you will need in each category as a single parent with a three-year-old toddler would need in each category. This is a “best guess”.
Investigate the actual amounts needed in each of the expense categories. Look in real estate guides for housing costs, call service providers to get an estimate for child care, health care, bus service.  You can use the internet, newspapers from various cities, NPR news reports; call the chamber of commerce or city government offices. You will put these new, researched figures in the third column (“Amount after doing research”).
Record your sources
You will bring this to class and we will compare answers to see how your guesses measure with the actual cost of living in Seattle. We will use these figures as background in our class discussion of poverty and a livable wage.

AMOUNT AFTER DOING RESEARCH (And sources used for each expense category)
Child Care
Health Care
Part 2. Go Food Shopping on SNAP Budget
(10 points)
Part II of this assignment will help you get an idea of how a person on a poverty budget eats in King County. 
For this assignment, you have $82 (maximum SNAP benefit for a household of 2 is $357/month X 12 divided by 52 weeks per year) to spend on food for your family of one adult and one toddler for one (1) week.
Remember, this is 21 meals & 7 snacks (toddlers need snacks), plus beverages.  You will actually go to any grocery store and “buy” food for a week for your family.
You do not actually have to spend any money, but you do need to go to the store and write down the cost of everything you would buy if you were actually shopping.  Don’t forget taxes when you are shopping. You can choose whichever grocery store you desire.
To receive full credit you must provide:

your meal plan for the week
a list of what you bought
what store you shopped at
the final price
what you couldn’t buy that you felt you wanted or needed to
a 3 paragraph reflection (see below)

For your 3 paragraph reflection, explain: why you bought what you did, your thoughts about the adequacy of the diet and how you feel this impacts a person’s well-being. Be prepared to share your thoughts about the adequacy of the diet and whether it is healthy for your family, in class. 
FYI – if you were to shop just for yourself (single, no kids) you would have $45/wk. Do you think you would eat well?
Remember, mothers and fathers with children under 5 are eligible for WIC program.  Look it up in the link below and see what that means. J
Helpful Links: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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