social media marketing

To complete this assignment, analyze the Maersk case study for the critical elements below, and then compose a paper that addresses the questions and concepts. Be sure to review and reference the module resources, which were chosen specifically to support the course content and assignments, when writing this paper. Specifically, you must address the following critical elements: I. Innovation A. Assess what the company did to embrace social media marketing. B. Compare what the company did via social media with what the competition did. II. Strategy A. Analyze how the company used different strategies for different platforms. B. Distinguish the types of content shared on the different platforms. III. Engagement A. Appraise the company’s social media community and their engagement in it. Compare and contrast the company’s use of each platform. B. Characterize the motivations of the different users and groups. C. Differentiate the perceived benefits and risks of the engagement. D. Assess how engagement contributed to the brand. 

this is the case study:

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social media marketing
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