Should Katniss Pick Peeta or Gale?

Should Katniss Pick Peeta or Gale? In the Hunger Games trilogy written by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen participates in the Hunger Games, along with Peeta Mellark. The Hunger Games is something the Capitol hosts as a revenge every year, because District 13 rebelled against them. In the Hunger Games, there are two children that are selected from each district, who are forced to fight to the death in the Hunger Games. Since Katniss and Peeta are in the Hunger Games with each other, they’ve gotten closer and they got to know each other better. The thing is, Peeta is madly in love with Katniss; but she isn’t.
Instead, Katniss has some feelings for her close friend, Gale Hawthorne, who also has feelings for Katniss. So Katniss is stuck in a love triangle, with Gale and Peeta. Peeta is a better choice for Katniss, because they have a special connection with each other, Peeta can be a good boyfriend or husband, and it’s just a better choice. Katniss should pick Peeta. Katniss should pick Peeta because they have a special connection/relationship. Because they were both tributes from District 12, it would be hard to NOT be close with each other, since they only have each other. Peeta will always have Katniss’ back, and cares for her all the time.
For example, in the training centre located in the Capitol, when Katniss recognized the Avox girl, Peeta jumped in to say that she must’ve mistaken the Avox girl for some girl in their District so Katniss wouldn’t get in trouble. Since they want many sponsors when they’re in the arena, they were “friends” in front of everyone, instead of enemies. Although Katniss’ friendship with Peeta wasn’t that real, because he was a bit annoying to her at the time, she did feel like as if they were real friends. She felt like they were real friends, because of what Peeta did in the past, to save her family, and to start this special connection.

When Katniss’ father died, her family had trouble finding food, and she went by Peeta’s bakery. Peeta noticed that she was starving, so he purposely burnt a loaf of bread, so he can give it to her. He ended up facing some harsh consequences from his mother afterwards. When Katniss took the bread, the first thing she noticed were some dandelions which resembled hope to her. Peeta lead her to finding hope and to not give up. Therefore, Peeta kind of represents hope to Katniss. Since Peeta gave her the bread, she feels like as if she owes something to him now.
Also, in the arena, there was this one time where Peeta told Katniss to run when the career tributes were after her. When there was an announcement that there can be two victors from the same district, Katniss automatically called out Peeta’s name, so she must’ve had some feelings for him then. They are known as the star-crossed lovers, so it would all make sense. She found Peeta camouflaged into a muddy bank, and she cleaned him up, and brought him into a cave to help him heal from the cut Cato gave him on his leg. Katniss and Peeta then kissed, so Katniss must’ve developed some feelings for him when the Hunger Games started.
Like in the training center, Katniss is faking her interest in Peeta so they can get gifts from sponsors to help heal Peeta. That wouldn’t make too much sense, because Katniss doesn’t love Peeta she has some feelings for him, but she’s faking this love, to help Peeta survive. Then again, if Peeta survives, they can both win the Hunger Games. When Katniss got cut in the face by Clove, Peeta took care of her, which made her real feelings grow for him. To get food, she kisses him, but she feels something she never felt before. It’s love!
An important thing was that even when Peeta found out that Katniss’ love for him wasn’t true, and it was all an act for the Capitol, he was upset, but he didn’t blow up or anything, and understood why Katniss did it. Gale was extremely angry when he knew that Katniss and Peeta were getting really close, and he should’ve listened to Katniss and be more understanding, instead of blowing up. Also, in one hand, Peeta has known Katniss ever since she was 5 years old, when she sang the valley song, and in the other hand, Gale has known Katniss when she was 12 years old, when she was hunting in the woods, and Gale accused her to stealing his snares.
Therefore, Peeta knows her longer than Gale does. Also, Peeta acts like himself around Katniss, and still does, even if she finds it weird. He’s also very understanding and pleasing to Katniss. Gale, he can be a little pushy with Katniss. For example, when Gale asked Katniss about having kids, she felt a bit uncomfortable and awkward talking about that, but he kept pushing her, and asking “Why? ”. Katniss should pick Peeta because he would be a good boyfriend or husband. Peeta is head over heels in love with Katniss, so obviously he knows how to treat Katniss like a princess, to make her feel special.
Since Peeta is the baker’s son in District 12, he’s strong, because he carries around bags of flour, so he can help Katniss around. Also, he can make bread, decorate cakes, or paint pictures (his talent discovered in the Capitol) as a living, where Gale, only knows how to hunt illegally, which isn’t very effective. Now that Gale works in the coal mines, there’s a chance that he can die, so it wouldn’t so good if Katniss loses Gale if she picks him. Peeta was with Katniss throughout most of the Hunger Games, so he would understand her more, and he was with her during darkest times, so she would feel safe whenever she’s with him.
Peeta is a very smart and wise man, because he camouflaged in the Hunger Games to not get hurt even more, when he’s already badly injured. He’s also wise, because when him and Katniss were sitting on the roof, he said how he didn’t just want to be a piece in the Capitol’s game (The Hunger Games), and wanted to die as himself, not as a monster. This made Katniss think about what he said, and that would help if she needed any advice in the future. He respects everyone’s opinion, and cares about others around him.
For example, when Katniss talked to Peeta about running away with her family, Gale’s family, Haymitch, and himself, Peeta wasn’t so negative about knowing that Gale was running away with them. Unlike Peeta, Gale wasn’t too happy about finding out that Peeta was running away with them. Katniss should pick Peeta, because it’s just a better choice. If Katniss picks Peeta, it would work out for everyone, because obviously, Peeta would be happy. The Capitol would be happy. Panam would be happy. President Snow would be happy. If Katniss picks Gale, it would cause more drama.
Even being close with Gale is causing drama. For example, Peeta would feel betrayed, because of all this love Katniss has given him, and how she leaves him hanging. The Capitol would be furious, because her act with the berries would all be a lie, because it was accused of being so madly in love with Peeta, that she threatened to eat the berries so none of them can be depressed without each other. If she picks Gale, The Capitol would think that Katniss never loved Peeta, and she did this on purpose, to get away with rebelling against the Capitol, and would still survive.
Also, Peeta and Katniss are the same age, so they would suit each other better. Gale, is way older than Katniss, so it wouldn’t be so right, because he would be more mature than her, which can cause misunderstanding between each other, because they think differently at different ages. Peeta and Katniss’ relationship is like a lovers relationship, but Gale and Katniss’ relationship, is like a brother sister relationship. Since Gale likes Katniss, she’s afraid to admit to herself that she also likes Peeta, because of Gale.
Gale means so much to Katniss (they’re best friends) that Katniss doesn’t want to disappoint Gale by loving Peeta, because she has some feelings for Gale too. Katniss should pick Peeta in the end. She should pick him because they have a special connection with each other, Peeta can be a good boyfriend or husband, and it’s just a better choice. Peeta is kind of like water, because he’s always calm, and he’s so generous. Gale is like fire, because he is nothing but trouble to Katniss, when it comes to the Capitol.
Since Katniss is fierce, and independent, she’d also be fire. So Peeta can cool Katniss off, because he’s water, and fire and water would balance (Katniss and Peeta). Gale, wouldn’t be a good choice, because he just makes things worse. Gale is fire, so he just adds onto Katniss’ fire, so fire and more fire, just makes a bigger fire (Gale and Katniss). Since Katniss already has some feelings for Peeta, she should pick him, so everything will be easy, and drama-free. Peeta is a better choice for Katniss.

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