Should Atheltes Have to Go to College

This topic is widely debated among citizens across the United States. The answer that is commonly regarded as the safe choice is to finish school then go pro. If an athlete were to choose this choice the benefits would clearly outweigh the risks. The big benefits would be that you will have a fall back and you will be able to get a higher pay in the pros. The only risk of waiting is injury in the final extra season played to graduate.
Athletes tend to be more prone to injury than a non athletic person. If an athlete were to compete on a professional level were the speed of the action is moving faster than a hurricane, that athlete would almost be guaranteed to suffer some sort of injury. Maybe it’s a simple pulled muscle, that athlete would be able to come back and compete again. Let’s say the athlete was not so lucky and got hit be someone so hard it appeared that he got ran over by a semi truck going 65. The athlete would not be able to return back to his or her sport.
Now what will the athlete do to make a steady income? If the athlete finished school he or she will have an occupation they will be able to get right into. If the athlete did not finish college, the athlete would have a hard time finding a job with a steady income, especially in the current economy. Throughout most of a United States citizen’s life they hear the words “the higher the education, the higher you get paid. ” This is true in the world of athletics as well. Before a player gets drafted to a professional sport they must take a mandatory IQ quiz.

The quiz results are used by coaches to see what players will be able to remember things such as plays and formations. If an athlete knows his or hers primary position well and are able to know other positions as well, the athletes value increases significantly. A coach would rather have a player who is a little less skilled but can run plays right and have chemistry with team rather than one who is skilled but disrupts the teams flow by messing up a play. The one risk an athlete faces by waiting to finish school before going pro is injury in the last season.
I personally know a person that this has happened to. His name is Ian Clark. He was a quarterback for the New Mexico Lobos who got invited to a few NFL combines. He did well enough to enter the draft that year but decided to finish school first. In the very first game of the season he gets a broken shoulder blade and ligament damage in his rotator cuff. This ruined his chances to play professionally. The good thing is that he finished school and is working on an upper-management level of a construction company with a very good income.
It’s not playing in The NFL, but he’s living very comfortable right now for just getting out of college. For athletes finishing school is a very important thing to do. Sure being a professional athlete would be an amazing thing to be but if you leave school early to pursue a dream you may not get paid as well as others and you might end up hurt. As an athlete you are only worth something until a knee blows or something worse occurs. With an education you will never be able to become worthless.
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Should Atheltes Have to Go to College
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