Shopping, psychotherapy and consumerism

I need some assistance with these assignment. shopping, psychotherapy and consumerism Thank you in advance for the help! According to Bennett (2005), the period after the Second World War saw the development of unchecked spending, which was generated by a misplaced sense of patriotism. The success of the ‘Barbie’ doll, which was first released in the U.S. market in 1959, was actually the result of the compulsive shopping tendency of unconscious shoppers who were vulnerable to creative marketing strategies. In his essay, Bennett revisits a time when psychoanalysis was connected to the notion of compulsive spending. Far from being viewed as a problematic issue, compulsive spending after the Second World War was perceived as being a patriotic duty that would catapult the national economy. Freudian analysis of consumer spending was a concept that was exploited to generate ‘sovereign citizens’. Sigmund Freud’s personality theory is also known as the psychoanalytic theory. According to Bennett (2005), marketers used this theory to find ways of tapping into the unconscious part of ordinary citizens in order to affect their abilities to make purchasing decisions. Freud’s theory states that there are three important aspects of the human psyche. These are the id, which is the unconscious part that is stimulated by pleasure, the ego, and the superego. The id is the part that constantly seeks immediate gratification, and that is impulsive and illogical (Bennett 2005). The ‘Id’ is not concerned about the consequences of impulsive actions. The ‘ego’, on the other hand, always takes into consideration the present reality before coming to any decision. This is the part that marketers sought to by-pass in all prospective consumers. The Super-ego essentially refers to an internal moral conscience that is also not given to expressions of impulsiveness. The Super-ego is formed from the childhood notions of fairness and justice that were learned from an individual’s earliest interactions with others such as parents, friends, and the general society.

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Shopping, psychotherapy and consumerism
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