Shakespeare Henry V

Henry V Shakespeare Essay After looking at the Lawrence Oliver’s, Kenneth Branch’s and the Henry V classic comics extensively, we have a clear view of what Henry V was really like. The re- telling of this famous story have shown that he was a humble, down to earth leader that wants the best for his army. In Lawrence Oliver’s re-making of the famous Shakespeare play ‘Henry V, we see Henry V as a confident and influential man. Throughout the speech we see him yelling at the top of his voice. His army gets right into his speech which is showing that he is a persuasive person.
This also shows that he is liked by his army. In Lawrence Oliver’s version, we see a large and wide camera view which shows Henry standing above the entire English army. This view shows us the shear size of the English army and Henrys power above them. The soldiers are all dressed in shining armor and the background is nice and colorful. It makes the scene nicer to look at. During Henrys speech, his voice stays at a loud level. The crowd gets into his speech. In Lawrence Oliver’s version we can tell that he is liked throughout the English army cause the army is following him in his speech.
After looking at Kenneth Branch’s re-make of Henrys famous SST Christian’s day speech shows us that Henry is a down to earth guy. In this version Branch makes Henry seems more apart of his army than he is King. We see this when he comes down from his high position down to the level of his fellow citizens. One technique Branch uses is camera position. We see the camera at the height of the army looking up at Henry. This shows us that Henry is powerful. We see him lower his voice lower down from a yell to unite the brothers.

Branch gives us the idea that Henry is a loyal and down to earth person who cares about every single man in his army. In the Classic Comic ‘Henry V, we see Henry as a guy that’s very powerful and a loyal leader. We see Henry leading a special formation of Calvary soldiers. He says ‘For we today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother’. We see Henry from a high view to really show the formation of the men on there horses. We also see that there is a crowd looking up at Henry which really shows the power Henry has got.
This lassie comic of Henry V really shows the power Henry has over his army. After looking at these three re-telling of the famous story of Henry V ‘s SST Crispin day speech, I have found out that Henry is a very powerful, liked, down to earth, loyal and honorable man. These three re-telling of this story have shown different techniques to show these characteristics of Henry. Some techniques used are camera height (how high Henry is above the army), voice projection, color of clothing and the way his army follows him. We see him as a man, leader and warrior, soldier and

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