Sedimentary Rocks.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Sedimentary Rocks. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Mountainous, Glaciers move because of the pressure exerted by their weight because of gravity. The bottom half of the glacier rubs against the mountain rock breaking them as it moves downhill. Some of the sediments are carried within the glacier and deposited down.&nbsp. The sediments appear sorted and angularly clasts because smaller sediments are transported far away and larger ones are deposited closer to the mountain. Mountainous, Mass-wasting- loosely placed rocks and soil move downhill under the influence of gravity. The carried material rub against the rocks on the hill surface-breaking them into smaller fragments as they are deposited downhill. The sediments appear angular because they rub against each other downslope constantly breaking. The sediments are sorted in their deposition because of the gravitational move.

Mountainous, Running Water- as running water moves down the mountain it carries with it sediments of rocks which rub against the mountain surface-breaking them into smaller fragments before being deposited downhill. The sediment appears rounded because of the constant shaping by the flowing water and is deposited in a sorted manner depending on their densities.

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River Channel, Running water moves down the stream carrying with it sediments of rocks which rub against the river bed breaking them into smaller fragments before being deposited downstream. The sediments appear rounded shaped because of washing by flowing water eliminating the angular edges. The deposition sorted since it is dependent on the weight of the rocks.

Fold plain, Running Water flows down bearing debris of sediments which collide and break down into smaller pieces. The sediments are deposited on the river bed as the water velocity reduces because of the change in slope. The sediment appears rounded shaped and sorted because their deposition is based on the density of the rock fragments.&nbsp.

Desert Environment, Wind blows carrying with it sediments which rub against the desert features. As the pieces move they break into small sediments which are later deposited when the wind loses its energy. The sediments are angularly shaped because of the streamlined effect caused by the wind. The deposition is sorted because it depends on the wind velocity and weight of the sediments.

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