Security architecture and design

Threat modeling seek to identify, communicate, document, and understand threats and mitigations within the context of protecting the business assets. Part of threat modeling therefore would involve discovering potential security vulnerabilities. Security vulnerabilities are normally identified by performing security vulnerability scans in the target environment (s). 

 Compare and contrast  the process/steps of threat modeling/vulnerability scanning in the following cloud service providers’ environments:

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Security architecture and design
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Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Discuss and compared four (4) requirements necessary to be performed threat modeling in Azure and AWS platforms? 
Discuss two common tools use to perform threat modeling in both AWS and Azure cloud platforms
Would you need permission to perform threat modeling with your PaaS service provider? If yes, why?
DQ requirement:

Outline your discussion under relevant headings, matching the question asked.I recommend your initial posting to be between 250-300 All initial posts must contain a properly formatted APA in-text citation and scholarly reference.

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