Complete 1 page APA formatted article: SANTANDER UK. Santander UK Objectives Santander UK Objectives INTRODUCTION. Santander UK is a bank that has progressed through the years, though at a slower pace, which is bound to improve Britain (Competition and Choice in Retail Banking, 2011, 259).

2. BODY. Santander UK’s Objectives

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a. Employee Commitment and Effective Leadership.

i) Change in strategy and vision is required, and such would include intense communication and training. This is for employees to ensure that the skills they have is in line with the jobs they are given.

ii) Managers can discuss job descriptions with the new employees, preferably face to face. This helps the managers decide what field to assign to which employee.

iii) Teams should be formed by supervisors and managers to ensure that employees speak out their problems. Managers and employees should have dialogues regularly to maintain a bond between the employees and managers.

b. Support for Innovation.

i) Innovations from employees need to be supported because it is through their creative ideas and innovations that the business grows to become successful (Thomson and Charles, 2010, 232).

c. High Integrity Workplace.

i) Honesty and ethical behavior should be among business policies. Trust is an important factor towards the development and success of Santander UK.

ii) High levels of integrity in the business mean that economic implications are catered. both the customers’ and employees (Daft, Kendrick, & Vershinina, 2010, 610).

d. Effective Systems and Processes.

i) Such are tools, data and the organization of the business. Paying attention to the four main elements, which are. organization, data, process and tools for business leads to a successful business empire in Britain (Dubin, 2004, 18).

ii) The tools being used by the business, such as the computers and other recording systems need to be manageable. Ignoring business systems leads to loss of data, increased expenses, lack of customer satisfaction and security breaches. System should be secure, efficient and cost-effective.

e. High degree of adaptability.

i) The business needs to be adaptable to the changing times, which include changing technology and needs (Great Britain, 2012, 48).


Using some of the objectives stated above, Santander UK can develop to turn out to be thriving banks in Britain (Competition and Choice in Retail Banking, 2011, 259).


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