Rwanda requires companies to observe patent laws

Write a 8 pages paper on julphar. Rwanda requires companies to observe patent laws. Explicit registration procedures are in order to protect the work of innovators. Since Julphar will be in exporting materials needed for the production of medicine in Rwanda, it will be appropriate for a company to consider patent issues associated with exports to Rwanda. Incentives offered by the government of Rwanda to patients provide the company with an opportunity to recover the costs of producing new medicine (GTZ, 2006).

The political environment in Rwanda is stable after the country emerged from the 1994 skirmishes. Political turmoil affects the operations of a business because wars may erupt (GTZ, 2006). The government of Rwanda is stable with the country recording progress in exercising governance. Julphar will have an advantage because the Rwandan government supports external investors who enjoy many business incentives. When the regime in power is stable, opportunities are opened for investors unlike when the government is with dictators. Rwanda has continued to record increased GDP in the past few years. More citizens are, therefore, able to purchase goods and services. The growth implies that there will be a ready market for the company’s product (GTZ, 2006).

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Rwanda requires companies to observe patent laws
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Economic conditions in Rwanda may create opportunities or threats to Julphar. The country’s GDP has continued to improve over the years implying that the existence of a robust, ready market because consumers have the purchasing power. The social, cultural practices and taboos will equally expose the company to new opportunities or threats since they influence consumption patterns (GTZ, 2010).

The pharmaceutical industry is among the fastest-growing industries globally. The development of the industry has been by via the efforts of the government to have a higher budget for carrying out marketing research and developmental projects in the pharmaceutical industry. The industry is worth more than $734, and it is expected to grow further (UK essays, 2014).&nbsp.&nbsp.

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