Russia and Italy

As a firm expands globally, many factors affect that expansion. Develop a global business strategy for a fictional US-based firm desiring to expand into Europe and Asia. Choose a country from each of the two continents and research business in each country. The instructor must approve country choices. Include and develop all of the following objectives in the paper:

Analyze the business structure necessary in each country to encourage success and benefit the firm as a whole.
Discuss the key roles ethics and cultural diversity must and will play in this expansion.
Discuss entry strategies in light of the political, legal, cultural and economic make-up of each country.
Describe the role that Information Technology and the Internet will play within this emerging global firm.
Explain the advantages or disadvantages of manufacturing and material location in each country.
Describe your approach to marketing and advertising in each country.
Describe your approach to human resource management.

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Russia and Italy
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The body of the paper must be a minimum of 12 pages in length, double-spaced and 12 point New Times Roman font.
The mechanics of the paper will follow APA 6thedition format.
All margins must be 1 inch.
Student must have a minimum of 7 references.
The student will use the International Business Paper Structure (presented with directions of all other papers in the class).

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