Rhetorical Analysis of Richard Nixon’s Checkers Speech.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Rhetorical Analysis of Richard Nixon’s Checkers Speech. It needs to be at least 1250 words. “Tonight, I come before you as a Vice President candidate and as a man whose integrity and honesty has been questioned.”1

In order to analyze Nixon’s speech, it is imperative to examine the obstacles or rhetorical problem the speech hoped to achieve. Nixon’s primary problem was proving his innocence. The media were overflowing with articles talking about his guilt. Luckily, Nixon overcame this problem by clearly spelling out all his financial assets right from the time of his birth. While talking about his financial status, he appeared as an ordinary citizen since he included even his debts. In this speech, he also proved to Eisenhower that his name would not hinder Eisenhower’s chances of clinching the presidency (Nixon, 1952). While concluding his speech, he appealed to the American citizens to call into the Republican National Committee and vote whether he should stay in the office or resign. The Americans called in large numbers, and the responses showed that a majority of them were in favor of Nixon’s retention (Nixon, 1952). Nixon successfully proved to Eisenhower that Americans wanted him to remain on the ticket. In this way, Nixon managed to overcome the biggest rhetorical problem of his speech.

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Examining the purpose of Nixon’s speech is also essential when making a comprehensive analysis of the speech. Nixon used three criteria to enable him to convey his purpose. First, his speech had to answer the allegations by defending and explaining the fund. Secondly, the speech had to ward off any further accusations by demonstrating that he did not amass personal profit from the fund. Lastly, his speech had to launch a political counter-attack. Nixon used these three guiding principles with the help of three Aristotelian modes of proof: pathos, logos and ethos.

The primary mode of proof used by Nixon in his speech was the ethos.

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