response the questions

 DIRECTIONS: Answer each question completely using appropriate grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  
 The answers by separately them according to each of the questions.
Use the PowerPoint for your answers. (chapter 11)
 2 pages.

Textbook Title – Assessment in Special Education
Authors – Raymond H. Witte; Jane E. Bogan & Michael F. Woodin
Publisher – Pearson – 2015

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response the questions
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Special Education Qualifications and High-Quality Services

1. A native Spanish-speaking student is having difficulty with both reading and writing. The team used information gathered to determine that the student is more comfortable speaking Spanish. The student was given an assessment in English and the data indicates that there is a learning disability. 

Do you think this is an accurate diagnosis, why or why not? Explain your answer.

2. During an Individual Educational Plan team meeting, a parent who is new to the process is not quite sure what they should do. 

Generate a detailed statement that would help the parent understand what their role in the evaluation, eligibility and IEP process is.

3. During a universal screening, Sally was identified for needing extra services. Sally fell in the 10th percentile of students in her grade on her decoding skills. She began receiving a Tier 2 intervention daily for 20 minutes for approximately 10 weeks with little improvement in her decoding skills. It was then decided to try to intensify the intervention by providing 40 minutes of instruction daily; this also showed little improvement. Sally was then evaluated for special education. She was given an IQ assessment which showed average ability and an achievement test that showed average achievement in math and a below average achievement in reading. Sally was also observed in class and was found to be off-task for a 70% of the time. 

From this example what data would you use to help you write goals and objectives?

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