Research Paper.

 Each student will choose one U.S. agricultural export good or service. The paper should first discuss the current trade environment for that product (i.e., who imports the product from the U.S. and what share/value of the product goes to each country, what are the real or potential barriers to trade, etc.). Then the paper should use one of the models discussed in class to explain the trade patterns with any two of the foreign importers. A completed paper should be 3-5 pages in length (including any figures, etc.), typed, 12-point font, and no more than 1.5-line spacing. Students must include references for any facts, figures, or general information obtained in researching this topic. This is an individual assignment, so the professor does not expect to see overlap in these papers (though some topics may be similar). The professor’s plagiarism policy is strict. Plagiarism will not be tolerated in this or any other assignment, and if discovered it will result in a zero for the course (not just the research paper) and potentially the pursuit of further disciplinary action through the University. 

I need Turnitin Report attached too

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