Research Methods In Maritime Policy.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Research Methods In Maritime Policy. Therefore, speaking about the interview process and the summary, we will have approximately six questions for the immediate answer: firstly, what type of interview was used (nominal, ordinal, or interval: define the type of interview used and explain the rationale for using this type). secondly, how many students have been interviewed and why (it is just a random selection or a chosen selection of interviewees). thirdly, interview schedule (list of questions or list of issues prepared to guide the interview). fourthly, critical account of the interview process, in which there are any strength, problems, or limitations. fifthly, short summary of findings is needed. ultimately, it is strongly recommended to provide a sample transcript of one of the interviews conducted. (1B.) There will be used mixed methods in order to investigate seafarers’ wages in a shipping company with a sufficient explanation on how to conduct the research from a qualitative approach.

Also, after 1A and 1B, we will be transferred to the area of the quantitative method of SPSS. Firstly, making use of the 10 interviews carried out to analyze the data within SPSS application, (2A) a coding book will be conducted. then, (2B) we will establish an SPSS Database. afterward, (2C) will do a simple test (2D) along with interpretation the result.

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Research Methods In Maritime Policy.
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Being focused in this sub-chapter predominantly on the issue concerning ‘what type of interview was used,’ let us force an assumption that among all types that were mentioned in the voice memo only interval type was used mostly.&nbsp. Because of its opportunity for block questions split up by intervals from each other (i mean a block of questions). Accordingly, the key rationale for using this type of interview lies in human nature, cause it is easy for one concrete person to concentrate on one block of questions that were specified, then have a rest for a couple of seconds before another block. therefore, we come to a thesis that these intervals are necessary for people to answer adequately and more calm and quiet, to behave themselves more concentrated in terms of their answers. they are like hints or tricks for the interviewees.

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