To research a single right found within the Bill of Rights and to examine how the Supreme Court has interpreted that right over time. All documentation must be Turabian. All sources must be cited. Your option should include the following:1. Your research question2. Text of the Amendment. If the amendment is long, bold or underline the sections that arerelevant to yourresearch3. Questions to answer. You should address AS MANY (but maybe not all – depends on what sources you find) of the questions that follow:a. What freedoms or rights do you enjoy because of the amendment?b. Why did the authors of the Bill of Rights include this amendment?c. What new issues has the court had to consider with this amendment over the course of history (ex: after 9/11, whether the government could conduct electronic surveillance became a 4th amendmentissue)4. Supreme Court cases that dealt with this right (see the list below). For each case you must include….a. Name and year of the caseb. Background (facts of case)c. Legal questions presented by the case (ie. what did the court have to decide?)d. An explanation of the court’s ruling – these cases were selected because they created a pretty important “standard” or “rule” that tells us what this amendment does and does not protect.

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