report about nutrition company’s HR strategies

i need a report about following HR strategies in a nutrition company, we assume that we own a nutrition company named wawan nutrition in Oman and gather the relevant information about their human resource strategies and professional practices using secondary data only, critically analyse their HR strategy draw conclusion and make recommendations for continuous improvements, the report will be 3000 words and contains 3 parts introduction, analysis and content, conclusion. the introduction will describe theories and concepts related to HR strategies and brief background of the company we are creating and objectives of the report, then the analysis and content will evaluate the HR studies and practices being implemented in the chosen company and relate these with policy formulation done by the human resource department, then assess the relationship between the HR strategies and the company’s overall performance. relate this in the accomplishment of the company’s vision, mission, goals and objectives then critically analyse the effectiveness of the company’s HR strategies using SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses,  Opportunities,  Threats) analysis, explain the appropriate change management strategies you will suggest to continuously improve the company’s HR effectiveness. then conclusion includes the summary and emphasis of the  key points of the report issue, it covers how the report objectives were attained. and use 10 to 15 various sources following the Harvard referencing  system and the text should be in Arial font style size 12, spacing between lines 1.5 with 1 inch margin in all sides except the top margin which is 1.5 and provide word count at the end of this report and i want turnitin report maximum of 9%.

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report about nutrition company’s HR strategies
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