Refugee Boy by Benjamin Zephaniah.

I will pay for the following article Refugee Boy by Benjamin Zephaniah. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Zephaniah created this book based on stories he has heard as well as his own to create a book that all refugees can relate to. This is not a mere functionary illustration by Zephaniah but is not any real character as well. He had heard many harrowing stories to inspire him to write the book. The character of Alem came to his mind especially when he met Million and Dereje Hailemariam, the teenagers who were denied asylum in the UK. This novel conjures up for the reader a true narration about the current as well as the would-be refugees seeking permission.

Zephaniah explains why the term refugee should mean a narrow definition. because to some degree, we all are a kind of refugee. He refers to refugees as ‘one sort or another.’ This is because we have all been refugees at one point as we all migrated to a new and better life, whether it was us or our ancestors. This is in our nature. The ancestors of today’s generation came from different regions. how many people in Britain are the pure British

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Refugee Boy by Benjamin Zephaniah.
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Zephaniah argues that when people seek any protection regardless of the object of places, people, or borders, this may also be called asylum. Everybody is afraid of something. everyone needs to seek asylum in one way or another. Some people may seek a larger asylum than others (e.g. moving country). For Zephaniah, people from all regions should have equal rights and freedom to move and stay. This is the message that he wants to convey especially to teenagers and to the adults at large through this novel.

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