Reasons Why It Is Easy To Develop and Then Retain Racial Prejudices

I will pay for the following article Reasons Why It Is Easy To Develop and Then Retain Racial Prejudices. The work is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Reasons Why It Is Easy To Develop and Then Retain Racial Prejudices Reasons why it is easy to develop and then retain racial prejudices

Several scholarly articles have confirmed that the classification of human species is categorized according to the physical phenomenon or the gene a person. With respect to the above statement, there is no scientific evidence that gives a clear distinction on how a black person is different from white a person. Therefore, any scholar who has shown interest in disputing the current existing data deems to have lost scientific grounds of human existence because no science that has proven psychological or social existence of the two human races. Surprisingly, in the modern world, the notion that their race ranks well than the rest still psychologically incapacitates some members of the nation. Such people explore racial discrimination and susceptible to indulge in activities or actions that discriminate the opponent whom they perceived to be own less power (Tattersall & DeSalle, 2011).

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Reasons Why It Is Easy To Develop and Then Retain Racial Prejudices
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Some researchers have confirmed that improper control of racial discrimination may lead to racism that later escalates to prejudicial expressions in different forms. Therefore, attitude, character or signs that may give a leeway to a racism behavior require eradication from the society. The existence of racial discrimination in the society and organizations is an issue of concern thus factors that attribute to its presence requires a comprehensive investigation as discussed by (Tattersall & DeSalle, 2011).

Factors that enhance the development of racial prejudice

Despite the existence of laws that govern against racial discrimination, the vice has remained prevalent in organizations of employment and education among other areas especially in the American states and other parts of the world (Ashford. LeCroy & Lortie, 2010). More often, racial discrimination is an attribute to social reflection. Such a reflection forms the principle point that enhances the presence of social discrimination. With respect to the reflection, racial attitude and prejudicial values of the community are easily reflected among members of a community whose attitudes are easily acquired by the generation. Offspring who observes racial approach against another community finds it so easy to promote such legacy.

Based on Ashford. LeCroy & Lortie (2010) assumptions, racial discrimination can also propagate by emotional maladjustment. It has been discovered that different prejudice character may be driven due to personality of personal background. A person whose upbringing composes strict dictatorship life is likely to manifest racial character towards anybody who feels does not support his personality. However, some sociologists have contradicted this existence to be less prevalent because children develop both psychologically and mentally besides social education, they easily undergo transformation to overt racism.

Another contributing factor to racial discrimination is the availability of in-groups and out-groups. In a society, people tend to classify themselves as members of a specified social group thus influence their attitudes towards to conform as one ethnic group. Such attitude gives room for identification as either an out-group or in-group. Classification into such categories often brings an intention of individual difference characterized by the norm that one group is distinct from the rest thus invoke expressions of racial injustice explains (Ashford. LeCroy & Lortie, 2010).

How to break down the mold of racial prejudice

Social discrimination and racism traces to the history or groups that are only determined by the structural contexts. Therefore, any attempt to dispel a racial conformity from a unique perspective is bound to fail. As such, eradicating racial discrimination depends on the following strategies.

The first approach seeks concern of both individual and the institutional sources of discrimination with respect to how members of a group associate or handle their tasks. Therefore, institutional leaders should set up social programs that elaborate on the need of upholding inter social relationships in the society. Besides, this approach should engage on issues that necessitate the need to change the perception and future development. The second approach is by influencing the behavior of each person while encouraging them to do the same to their colleagues. For instance, individuals sensitized about the need of relationships without implementing such into practice is bound to topple. The main reason is to perfect the need of being socially interactive for members of the society. Furthermore, even those who are morally positive may also find themselves engaged in racial prejudicial activities and seeking to improve the culture of tolerance within the society (Hawley, Nd).

According to Hawley (Nd), institutions must establish necessary measures to deal with the eradication of any form of racial discrimination by creating sensitivity and awareness towards the issue of color. In conclusion, documentation concerning the need of fair opportunities and positive relationships should be encouraged because it would help to increase the value of togetherness amongst individuals.


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