Racial Profiling Issues.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic – Racial Profiling Issues. Generally the term “racial profiling” is seen to have both narrow and broad definitions. Racial profiling relates to the conduct of law enforcement officers in dealing with members of black and other minority groups for police inspection.

Jim Clearly (Minnesota House of Representatives Research Department) states the two definitions of racial profiling as the narrow definition where “racial profiling occurs when a police officer stops, questions, arrests, and/or searches someone solely on the basis of the person’s race or ethnicity. Critics typically use this definition when condemning racial profiling, as do law enforcement agencies when denying the existence of racial profiling.”. and the broad definition as “racial profiling occurs when a law enforcement officer uses race or ethnicity as one of several factors in deciding to stop, question, arrest, and/or search someone.”

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Racial Profiling Issues.
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Racial profiling is based on the supposition that members of certain racial groups are markedly more prone to be mixed up in criminal activities, especially drug related offenses. In view of the numerous allegations of racial profiling by the police many surveys have been commissioned and completed by the government. These reports unfailingly demonstrate the high incidence of racial profiling on the roads.

For example, in CBC NEWS INDEPTH: RACIAL PROFILING (2005, May 26) the article reveals that “Studies of police statistics in Kingston, Ont., released in May 2005 found that young black and aboriginal men were more likely to be stopped than other groups. The data showed that police in the predominantly white city were 3.7 times more likely to stop a black as a Caucasian, and 1.4 times more likely to stop an aboriginal person than a white”.

Such reports and individual cases make a strong case against the law enforcement agencies showing the officers to be guilty of racial profiling.

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