1. Newsweek is considered what type of publication?
Trade Journal
Popular magazine
Peer-reviewed or refereed journal
2. To find information about the US involvement in World War II, which of the following subject guides would be the Best place to begin your research?
Business and marketing
3. Which Boolean operator should you use in a search statement to combine related keywords if you want to find results that include Any of the keywords from the search statement?
None of the above
4. From which of the following can you obtain the full text of a book?
Academic Search Complete
Books 24 X 7
The internet
All of the above
5. If TOO many articles are retrieved in a database search, what should be done?
The topic should be narrowed down further and search limiters should be used
The databases shouldn’t be searched and the internet should be used instead
The databases shouldn’t be searched and the library catalog(Catalog USMAI) should be used instead
6. If too few articles are retried in a database search, what should be done?
Try a different database
Use different search terms
Revise your research topic
Any or all of the above
7. If you wanted to search for a specific phrase in a database, which of the following searching techniques should you use?
Add an asterisk(*) to the end of the phrase
Use the Boolean operator OR between the phrase words
Insert quotation marks around the phrase
Insert parentheses around the phrase 
8. Which of the following is Not an evaluative criterion to use in determining whether an article is worth pursuing?
The article publication date
The type of journal in which the article was published
The article’s author’s credentials
The volume of the journal in which the article was published
9.  Which of the following factors should NOT be used when evaluating an article for use in a research paper?
The format of the article(e.g. print vs online)
Who the intended audience is
How objective or biased the article is
The date the article was published
10. What may be some of the consequences of plagiarism
A failing grade
Expulsion from the university
All of the above
None of the above

 Part 2:  Discussion- be creative:

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In this first discussion on your writing process, post some thoughts on what you’re taking away from Week 1 and into Week 2. For example, have you thought about the connection between critical reading and writing? How do you read and take notes and then generate material?
Any and all reflections are welcome here.

Things we talked about this week:
Developing Reading Comprehension Skills for Literature
Reading the Short Story as a Literary Work
Beyond Highlighting: Digital Reading and Annotation Skills

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