Questions Critique Essay

What should you do next? What are some of the options at your disposal to ensure that you do not alienate your colleagues? As the budget is limited and the number of projects in question is multiple, only the best projects which promise the maximum growth for the company can be selected. As the CIO of the firm, my Job is to keep the functional manager’s happy and motivated at all times. At the same time I cannot create a void between the sponsors and myself. This type of situation creates a dilemma and needs to be dealt tactfully.
As a next step I would: ) Conduct meetings with my functional managers and explain the situation such that there is no communication gap created b) Create a plan with them to help effectively sell their project to the sponsors c) Explain to them what made the other projects get selected over their projects. d) Help him identify what his project proposal lacked. 2) Are there any structural problems with the budgeting process at Performance Boards, Inc.? What improvements would you suggest for next year”if any? The performance board is tied down for budget and they need to allocate budgets to different projects.
However, at a particular time, not all projects can be fulfilled. Thus only the projects best suited towards the organizations growth can be undertaken in the limited budget. However, the organization should undertake projects which will help sales. Since it is a manufacturing firm, “sales” is an important part of their business line. An increase in sales will lead help the organizations growth and increase in revenue. Performance Boards Inc. should prioritize their pillars when it comes to IT development. Since the industry is digitizing, IT priority in all departments should be created.

As a strategy for next year, I would a) Create a plan where the parked projects could be prioritized. b) The project plans that are parked should simultaneously be worked upon to ensure that the plan is update as per industry. c) The departments which are the pillars of the organization and generate revenue should be put on the highest priority d) The departments which help in ensuring that the organization is still a good place to work should be placed next. e) The CIO must appoint other managers to help the departments develop a good project proposal which becomes difficult for the sponsors to ignore. The CIO should emphasize to the sponsors as to how long a particular project has been kept waiting and help the departmental projects get sanctioned. This will help him maintain relations with both the departmental managers and the sponsors. 1) Chargeback Chargeback is the mechanism by which a company charges for the amount of service that is provided by them. This model for revenue generation is used extensively in the cloud and Amazon runs it Web Services based on it. They charge a customer for the amount of resources that they consume on a monthly basis.
For instance, a ustomer can start a virtual machine with amazon with a particular configuration at any time. The customer has the option to upgrade his subscription to a new one by paying the difference between the price initially paid and the actual price. By this, he gets an upgraded system. This is a classic example of a chargeback revenue model. 2) Allocation Allocation is a mechanism that many companies use to charge project teams for the services purchased by them. For instance, a company like Accenture which is a service based company has various projects running within.
The company provides each team with a lot of infrastructure which is required for carrying out their tasks effectively. An example of this can be the helpdesk system which they have to provide assistance to the employees. The company charges the project team, a fixed price based on the number of employees on the project. Further, the project has to bear this cost irrespective whether it is used by the employees or not. Further, the number of times the helpdesk system can be used is not fixed. The employees are free to use it as many times as they need. 3) Overhead
The distribution of costs incurred by the company to install information systems which are distributed equally to all departments are known as an overhead cost. Crouse hospital in Syracuse went ahead to build an information system to maintain EMR. They had to bear the entire cost of this system which was internally borne by the various departments within the hospital. Whether it be the Cardiology department or the Respiratory department, each department had to bear the same cost to get the EMR installed. This cost that was borne by the department was an overhead cost which was used to fund an information system.

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Questions Critique Essay
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