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1.  A business partner from a company that does business with your public safety agency invites you and your apparatus purchasing committee to dinner and drinks during a conference before there is a contract award. Is it a bribe or just a friendly gesture? Please explain how you and your committee should handle this?
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2.  Given the scenario in question 1, how would you and your committee best mitigate this bribery risk (if it was) and comply with your local ethical laws or ordinances?
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3.  The importance of information sharing is not limited to exchanges between national agencies.  Considerable importance is also attached to intelligence sharing between local agencies.  Two mechanisms for doing so are through use of Fusion Centers and Joint Regional Intelligence Centers.  How do these Centers differ?
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4.  The recent hacking of Sony Pictures and release of the movie “The Interview” highlighted the problem of cyber espionage and international theft of intellectual property.   Although the Obama administration considered trade secret theft a serious matter, its strategy did not assert that economic espionage violates international law. Nor did it contain a blueprint for international legal changes that would directly address economic cyber espionage.  The Trump Administration has largely taken the same position.  What are the impediments to creating such a strategy?
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Questions 4 of 5
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