My clinical rotation this week in operation room 
Please follow the rubric to write an observation paper 
1- TIME OUT is immediately before surgery procedure to ensure correct patient identity, correct scheduled procedure, and correct Surgical site marking. It start before procedure the nurse do it and all surgical team in and anesthesiologist. 
correct patient positioning
please read about and cover that in my paper. 
2- Safety :
the scrub tech and nurse will count out loud all of the materials. The nurse writes these numbers on a board,
Use Sterile technique during the surgery
Time out before start procedure..
Identify pt by his name and date of birth. And the ID band in his or her hand. 
Allergy and any medication before the surgery
Patient’s  had the operation site marked for surgery  
Three consents one for procedure, one for anesthsea, one for if need blood transfusion. 
You can search and see if there is other than what I observe. You should cover at least 5. 
Priority nursing diagnosis.: you should write like that my nursing diagnosis 
Ineffective tissue perfusion related  to surgical procedure as eviedence by BP 100/67, and patient has dranage on the surgical site. 
My goal patient will verbalized f by 16:30, 09/25/19. 
The intervention: Monitor vital signs. Note color, warmth, capillary refill. Inspect dressing for excess drainage or bleeding or leak of CSF. Monitor intake and out put. 
Can you make me one of the ethical dilemma 
Personal experience : I am so excited to see the procedure. Also, I like the operation team how work with each other to do their work as best, also I like how scurb nurse and circulation nurse colleprate with each other to make pt safety and not break the sterile filed. I observe three surgery one was about cerebral angiogram the patien female 78 years old intubation and she had drange 100ml. the second c5-6 arthoplasy. replace a damaged spinal disc in the neck with an artificial disc . he was Male 34 years old, the last one was lumbar spinal fusion female 67 years. You can add from your own 
Please follow the APA format use two peer reviewed nursing journal articales less than 5 years. follow the rubric that i attach it and i attach my friends paper do as them but not copy their work. 

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