Prospectus on Immigration

Aly Anderson 11/17/12 Turkan Deperlioglu English 105 Prospectus and Annotated Bibliography In today’s day of age, Illegal immigration is becoming a huge issue. With laws constantly changing and people’s views becoming more obscure about the idea, Illegal Immigration is becoming a harder issue to tackle. Illegal immigration has many issues including economic spread, population growth, political stances, and difficult immigration processes. Both sides of the political arena are fighting effortlessly to get there point across.
The Republicans believe that immigration should be stopped going into the United States of only poor immigrants, while prosperous immigrants are allowed. This is an example of racial profiling which is illegal in the US. The Democrats want to make the Immigration process easier to help bring economic prosperity to all. I agree with the Democrats, we should allow everyone in including the Mexican farm workers to the British pop stars (Ethier 67). No longer should race, ethnicity, or amount of money made be a factor of getting into the country (Tolbert Hero 815).
As a growing country, the more people we can have can mean a growing economy with prosperous people throughout. Carney, Dan, (1996). ” Social Policy ” Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 54, (36): 2531. In this article the, which is taken from the Congressional Report of the US Representatives, has many ideas that are brought to the front about immigration. It takes a good look at both sides of the congressional office. It is good article because it utilizes all of its resources and it helps the reader understand the different sides of the issue.

It uses examples from different parts of the past to help explain the changing ideals about the issue. The article explains the congress ideas on the situation at hand and how it can affect the changing economy. With the economy in the state it is now, this article helps the reader understand the congresses point of view of the issue of immigration. This article has many different views to the idea of changing Illegal Immigration. With either views of the Congressional Report, I truly learned the different stances of the Government of immigration.
Ciobanu, Ileana M. and Thomas C. Green. (2006). “Deputizing – and Then Prosecuting – America’s Businesses in the Fight against Illegal Immigration,” American Criminal Law Review, 43, (3): 1203+. In “Deputizing- and Then Prosecuting- America’s Businesses in the Fight against Illegal Immigration”, the reader gets a good hard look of the business prospective Illegal Immigration. American businesses are getting hit hard by both Illegal Immigrants taking jobs and the American government trying to hunt them down which is causes quite the controversy.
This article is taken by the American Criminal Law review, which is a group of government-funded people who search for Illegal Immigrants throughout the US. It gives you an in-depth look at todays government officials ideas about Immigration. The article used a lot of it’s own businesses troubles to explain the situation and how it affects others. Using its own problems as examples helps you realize the bad in immigration. It allows a look into the large business side of the immigration. It helps and gives good ideas of what is going on with immigration in the US.
Fullinwider, Robert, (2005). “Affirmative Action”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2005 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed. ), http://plato. stanford. edu/archives/spr2005/entries/affirmative-action/ This article explains immigration and what is trying to be done with it. It lists many different types of solutions and ideas to help get both sides of the argument involved. Not only does it does it explain the issue but with the solution ideas, this article is one of the best. “Affirmative Action” helps the reader understand the different sides of the issue.
It does not bad mouth either side of the argument and the author is good at keeping the opinion to himself unlike some of the other articles that are being presented. This article also utilizes all the resources from the congress to business and other forms of small government. It makes sense to use this as a resource because it explains and gives examples why immigration is both bad and good. Robert Fullinwider uses his studies of philosophy and uses it to help explain why people migrate into the US and why people in the government do not like it.
Graham, Hugh Davis, (1990), The Civil Rights Era: Origins and Development of National Policy 1960-1972 (New York: Oxford University Press): 413. This earlier article explains how immigration is similar to the Civil Rights Era. Racial profiling is still used today on immigrants coming from all around the world. Hugh Davis Graham explains the cruel happenings due to immigration and how it is affecting other people’s view of immigrants entering the US. He explains the relationship of the civil rights movement and the immigration process.
Racial profiling is becoming a large problem for immigrants who come up from the south, similar to African Americans back in the sixties. The many examples given helps the readers completely understand the parallelism between the two. It uses history as en examples to give good explanations. With immigration being such a present day topic, this article is an excellent source for the paper because how much it discusses the issues at hand. Hayes, Ted, (September 25, 2000 ). “Illegal Immigration Threatens U. S. Sovereignty, Economy and Culture,” Insight on the News, 16, (36): 46 In “Illegal Immigration Threatens U.
S. Sovereignty, Economy and Culture,” all the cons about Illegal Immigration are brought to the surface. A major one is over population. Though this is not a major problem within the US, people believe it can really hurt our country. Some citizens believe that immigrants can take away or really change the voting in America. They only problem is that people do not realize that within the constitution that voting can neither be changed nor taken away. This article is a good source because of how it explains the cons of the issue, also how it give good, descriptive examples. Howell, Llewellyn d. July 2006). “Ironies of Illegal Immigration,” USA Today, 135, (2734): 19 In the “Ironies of Illegal Immigration,” Llewellyn Howell talks about how the government contradicts itself with the ideas of immigration. She uses many different examples like money and laws. With the example of laws, there are many different theories on how to make immigration easier but the laws contradict themselves in the sense they both help and stop immigrants from getting into the US. Though this isn’t the best for helping Americans promote their country, it also allows many to keep the country they so proudly built.
In the end of this controversial article, Howell states that the US Government needs to get a congress and President that agree on the idea of Immigration and how it should have never gotten this far. The article was a good source for many explanations in the paper because of how well the examples explain the issue of Immigration. Lempres, Michael T. (1994). “Getting Serious about Illegal Immigration,” National Review, 46, (3): 52+ Michael T. Lempres explains immigration through the eyes of a congressman. He utilizes his skills and gives examples about immigration in many in depth ways.
The author gets very descriptive about the points of immigration. He discusses both sides of the of the issue in ways that make the reader a lot more settled because they can understand the political terms. This is a good source because it brought forth the issue of economic status and how immigration really affects our country. He goes on to explain how making the immigration process easier can help make our economy thrive because more money is being cycled through our system. Also, immigration can help people with their cultural view and help Americans stop being so one sided.
This article really helped when understanding the pros to the issue of immigration and what is does for our country. LMD, (Summer 1992). “How to Avoid Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination,” Labor Management Decisions, 2, (2) This article is very useful when it comes to understanding the discrimination in the work force due to immigration. Most people do not realize that it is harder for immigrants to find a job because they are different. Many immigrants come over with a lot of the same schooling as us Americans or even more.
Sometimes immigrants even have more schooling because some other countries have a higher standard of education. Now, with jobs being more limited in the US. People play favorites when offering jobs to others in the work force and that makes it harder for people coming over looking for jobs. This source has a lot to offer and really made immigration easier to understand. Website, “Immigration Problems in the US,” Online, http://www. cyberessays. com/Politics/32. htm “Immigration Problems in the US” discusses the major difficulties within the immigrating processes in the US today.
It also looks back into the past US problems with Immigration like overpopulation over economic status. This article brings up the government views as well as the views of the American population. It allows for people to read the article and understand the why making the immigration process for entering the US should be easier and how it can benefit our country. Though the author is not stated in the website, they clearly explain why immigration is such a big issue to people within our country and throughout the world.
This article is an amazing source for one who is trying to learn more about immigration and how it affects our world. White, Deborah, “Analysis of Immigration Reform Proposal,” Liberal Politics: US, Available Online: http://usliberals. about. com/od/immigration/i/BushImmiReform. htm This article looks at the political reforms that are set in place for immigration. It has a deep explanation into the government view of immigration and how it being stopped. It does not look at either side of the political arena like other articles being presented.
This is a true understanding of the reform recently written to make immigration a more difficult process and why this is not acceptable to our constitution. Deborah White makes a good attempt to understand the minds of the politicians involved with this reform and why it was written just so recently. With White’s view being more on the Liberal side, she focuses more on the conservative side of things and trying to understand their views and why they have them. This was a helpful article because it gave good representation to both views of the issue.

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