Proposal of Dissertation

Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Proposal of Dissertation. Though, this particular research is carried out primarily with an academic interest, yet if carried out in an objective manner, research not only helps the researcher in knowing about many unknown aspects, but it often provides a benchmark for future researches as well. Quite often industry too takes a cue from such studies in their policy papers etc. depending upon the objectives and inferences of the study. Research philosophy is a belief about the way in which data about a phenomenon should be gathered, analyzed and used. This dissertation is a more of a qualitative case study focusing on an analysis of the e-business phenomenon in general and analysis of some specific examples. While the concept has proved to be a revolutionary one, there are some concerns as well. During the course of the research an effort would also be made to analyse such concerns. To carry out such a study in general we resort to the following main approaches.

In addition to reviewing the existing literature available in the public domain, efforts would also be made to seek opinion of some people involved in e-business operations. This sample group of people would comprise of users, technology service providers, company owners/ managers and some government functionaries or regulators. This will not only help in finding out some primary data, but it will also provide me an opportunity to gain some first-hand information.

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Proposal of Dissertation
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Whilst this study required participation of human subjects, consent and confidentiality will be a significant issue. If we need to conduct interview or solicit responses to the questionnaire during the course of the research, all possible efforts would be made to communicate the aim and purpose of the study to the participants beforehand. Acquiring informed consent is vital to a researcher.

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