Project Narrative Essay

Designing and Implementing a Fitness Plan Directions: Select activities and exercises from the list below. The list is not comprehensive. Please feel free to insert activities, exercises that may not be on the list. Create a 40-annulment fitness plan that you will continue to use after this class Is over. Keep In mind variety, motivation and your overall goal! Warm – up Satellites Aerobic Capacity Muscular Endurance and Strength Flexibility Cool Down Walking Exercise bike Push – ups Traps Jogging Treadmill Sit – ups Hamstring Jumping Rope
Aerobic tapes Weight room equipment Quadriceps Heel toe walking Calisthenics Step aerobics Free weight Triceps Stretching Low impact aerobics Sliding Stability ball Trunk VEX Medicine ball Shoulder Stepper Traverse wall Rope Jumping Type of Exercise Exercise Time Intensity/reps. Warm – up Walking on treadmill 3 miss. Low Jogging on treadmill 5 miss Medium Riding ex bike 5 miss. Rope Jumping in between lifting secular Strength/ “durance cope curl set 2 reps. Egg Press 2 reps :Hess Press 12 reps Leg Extension 1 set Lat. Pull down 12 reps. Leg Curl
Triceps pushdown Calf Raise Sit-ups 50 push ups 20 1 min. Trunk lift 2 sets 30 sec Shoulder stretch Calf Butterfly Outline a 12-week physical fitness program using the results of your physical fitness tests. Be sure your program Incorporates the endurance, intensity, and warm-up guidelines discussed in class. Warm-up: Jump Rope for 5 minutes (Low Intensity) Aerobic Exercises: Jog on treadmill for 5 minutes (Medium Intensity) Exercise Bike for 5 minutes (Medium intensity) Strength Exercises: 25 Pushup 50 Sit ups Hammer Bicep Curl 4 Sets

Bench press 3 sets Leg press 3 sets Dumbbell ROW 4 sets Dumbbell Shrug 4 sets (5 Minutes) Trunk Lift Hamstring Stretch Shoulder Stretch Heel Toe Walking (5 Minutes) Two key components in designing your fitness plan also include establishing what your overall goal is for working out. The second is to put into plans how you will adhere to your plan. Physical Education Class Workout Plan: 1. Please establish at least three personal fitness goals: A. Be able to maintain my weight B. Gain More muscle C. Be able to run a mile faster 2.
I plan to monitor my progress by: Keeping a log of all the lifting workouts I have to do, taking my heart rate before and after exercising Examples: Taking heart rates, using heart rate monitors, measuring pre and post, keeping a log, digital and indicating where I need to increase weight, reps, intensity or time.

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Project Narrative Essay
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