Project 2 Revenue Analysis

Using the company chosen, complete the following requirements:

Provide a full essay detailing the fraudulent or illegal activities  that were committed. Include background on the company culture as well  as background on the major players in the fraud. 
Show, through the financial statements, notes, and ratio analysis,  how this fraud could have been detected. The focus this week should be  on effects on revenue and expenses.
Make sure to demonstrate effective usage of English grammar and  mechanics. The result should be an APA formatted document, to include a  title page and reference page.

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Project 2 Revenue Analysis
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The Online Library is an excellent place to begin your research. You  will need to identify a minimum of 3 sources. Include at least 2  scholarly/academic sources, such as a book or an academic scholarly  journal. Academic scholarly journals can be accessed through the  Rasmussen Online Library. For business sources, ProQuest and EBSCO Host  are helpful.

MUST make sure the websites are included! 

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