Prof Avil – Final

Attached resources for you to use. You can pick and choose the resources.
Also, this is a continuation of the draft you did previously. I will attached the one I turned in and you will just have to fix it and add more resources. You do not need to make it more than 10 pages. This is basically just fixing up the draft to make it better than it is now. 

Here are the suggestions to improve on my final draft.
Your abstract should be on its own page.
Your essay has some grammatical errors. For example, you abstract ends in a sentence fragment.
Et. al should only be used after you have first cited all authors in-text.
You have some paragraphs that lack development.

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Prof Avil – Final
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The completed paper will be formatted in APA and include:
· A title page in APA format
· An abstract in APA format
· 8-10 pages of researched content.
· Introduction that includes: statement of the problem, definition of terms, claim statement, literature review, significance of the study, thesis
· Body of the paper that includes: background for the research, presentation and analysis of the data, discussion of the research and data
· Conclusion statement: analytical summary, thesis reworded, recommendations
· A Reference Page(s) in APA format
· Provide in-text citations in APA format

All the RUBICS:
The paper includes the introduction, body and conclusion with the correct headings and subheadings. 
The draft has breadth and depth of content with supporting citations and evidence. 
The paper is clearly aligned from the thesis statement through the conclusion. 
The content provides resources that support the thesis. 
The literature review is complete and aligned with the thesis statement. 
Data that is includes supports the thesis. 
The recommendations are clear and credible.
There is clear evidence of improvements made to the final paper in content, structure, and APA.
The analysis of the content reflects on and supports the background research. There is a clear analysis evident in the literature review and the significance of the study is clearly explained. 
All data presented within the research paper is analyzed, and clearly explained as it relates to the thesis. 
The definition of terms is clearly aligned to the thesis and research content. The analytical summary is relevant to the research and findings presented.
The research paper includes the following parts in correct APA formatting: Running Head, Title Page, Abstract, Body of the Paper, and References. 
The essay meets the expectations for APA formatting in headings, subheadings, mechanics, grammar, and academic writing. 
There are no glaring errors evidenced. Citations and references are in the APA format. 
There are no spelling errors.

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