Presentation Progress Report


Digital divide – implications for the widening gap in technology access

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Presentation Progress Report
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At the end of Week 6, you are to submit a progress report that demonstrates that you have been working towards your final presentation. Your progress report should be 1-3 pages in length and include the following: 
A well-written paragraph that states in detail what your topic is. Be sure to clearly link your topic to both technology and society/societal trends.
A well-written paragraph that identifies the type of presentation you plan to give (e.g. slideshow, written materials, podcast, YouTube, etc.). Your presentation should be creative, engaging, and informative. Remember that in the last week of class, YOU become the teachers. Think about your audience and how to present material in an interesting and clear manner.
A preliminary outline that shows what will you address in your presentation. You may provide an actual outline or bullet list with the approach you will take. Use the rubric for the final presentation to help you structure your outline. Your outline and presentation should  include the following components:
· Identify the technology you will use for presentation
· Define your topic
· Link your topic to technology and society
· Address the importance of your topic in today’s world
· Trace the history of your topic
· Describe how your topic compares to at least one other culture
· Identify relevant policies related to your topic
· Discuss future trends related to your topic
· Identify your sources

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