Powernotes Rhetorical Analysis (pick your own topic

 *USE GOOGLE SCHOLAR FOR SOURCES * Do exactly as the samples in the attachment. 1-Now that you have a clearer idea of what rhetorical analysis involves, please choose and submit your primary sources and secondary source for my approval before you begin collecting your data using powernotes. Students should collect at least three primary sources (but may have up to five, especially if they are looking at more than one genre of writing). Students should collect at least one secondary source. The sources should be online or available in PDF to make easiest use of powernotes, but if you have a paper source that you really want to use, you can scan the document and manually enter your notes into powernotes. Please review the powernotes video for how to approach this. 2- USE POWER NOTES EXTENSION (you can google it) AND MAKE NOTES ON IT. 3- Turn in your powernotes outline, downloaded from powernotes online. Your annotations and examples should cover common rhetorical strategies that are used for writing in your field of study. Consider that if your field of study uses many different genres to communicate for different purposes, you may want to narrow your research to investigate one or two related genres so that you can make generalizations about writing in your field. Try to examine and collect examples from at least three-five different primary documents. If you are examining multiple genres, you may need to look at more documents so you have a representative sample from each genre 

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Powernotes Rhetorical Analysis (pick your own topic
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