Power point presentation

Group Project – Education Issues

This group assignment provides you the opportunity to examine issues that are of particular concern within the institution of the U.S. education system today.
Students will be able to identify and assess shortcomings within the education system and create potential solutions to these problems through the research process and evaluation of scholarly sources on the subject matter.
As a class, students who work in groups will compare and contrast various social and structural problems in education and determine what problems need to be urgently addressed within our current system.

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Power point presentation
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Here is what you will need to do:
Read Terry Morris’s Working in Teams (http://www.terrymorris.net/teamwork/) for ideas about how to work together. 
Create a presentation:Research and include a detailed explanation of this issue in education. What is the historical context of this issue in education? (Look for precedent cases or policy that may have shaped this social issue in the past) Why is it a concern? How is it affecting society at the present time? Who in particular is being affected by this social issue?
Identify and create proposed solution(s) to this issue that have either been created by you or researched under social and political policy and found to be plausible.
Use websites for journal articles, newspaper articles, monthly publications such as Time magazine. Don’t forget about the Census.gov website that can provide statistical information as well as the US Department of Education website (www.ed.gov).
Any newspaper articles that include a case study or incident that exemplifies the issue you are working on. This is a good way to open up the presentation you will be submitting.
You may use MS PowerPoint or Google Presentation.
Please include notes for every slide.
(may include video segment clips, pictures, images 8-10 slides total)

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