Play Review #2

Online Play Report
In order to receive full credit on your play report, you must read a published play at least 20 pages in length. You can check out plays from the TSU library, from local public libraries, or by downloading available plays as PDFs. Select a full-length play, usually two or more acts. Follow the format below, which requires you to write a five-paragraph report, which is about 750 words. Be sure to edit carefully to keep within the 3 page maximum.
Report Guidelines
After reading the play in its entirety, you will write a report to address the following:
1. Introduction
a. Title, playwright, year originally published, a few brief statements summarizing reviews of the plays. Search the Internet for play reviews and briefly give a sense of how this play was received when produced.
b. Why you chose the play
2. Historical Synopsis of the period in which the play takes place
a. Historically, what was happening during the time of the play’s action
3. Plot synopsis of the play
a. Include all elements of the dramatic structure, including genre, theme, and complete plot
4. Favorite Character Development
a. Explanation of character’s relationship to the other characters within the play
b. How does the character change over the course of the play and what causes him/her to do so?
c. Why did this character appeal to you so much?
5. Conclusion
a. Would you recommend this play to be read, or performed, by someone else? Why or why not?
b. How do you feel that reading this play has contributed to your knowledge and understanding of the theatre?
Format Guidelines
Your play report must be 3 pages long, typed double-spaced, in 12 pt. Font, in Times New Roman, with 1” margins on all sides. Reminder: DO NOT wait until the last minute. Late assignments will not be accepted due to technological glitches.

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