Philosophy of My Personal Learning

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Philosophy of My Personal Learning. Piaget and Vygotsky are influential to my current stand on early childhood learning. Montessori places importance on individualized teaching. Waldorf impressed on me the importance of learning during the child’s growing up years.

Further, Jean Piaget’s theory contributes a significant share to my firm stand on how early childhood education personal teaching philosophy should be delivered. Piaget insisted children go through gender-type cognitive development stages in their learning of their role in the community or group. Piaget’s concept combines the concepts of operative intelligence and figurative intelligence. Child learning involves imitating, perceiving, drawing, use of words, and creating an image in the child’s mind of the topic being discussed. Thinking is action-based, not verbally inclined. Assimilation as well as accommodation enhances the child’s learning capability (Schirmacher 131).

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Philosophy of My Personal Learning
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Furthermore, Lev Vygotsky delivered another important ingredient to my personal early childhood education teaching philosophy on how best to teach the young hungry minds of the children. Vygotsky reiterated that children learn best by interacting with the other person, the social environment’s link to cognitive learning. This is done when the child converses with another child, parent, or teacher. The language used by the different cultures effectively teaches the child the rudiments of life (Davis281).

Moreover, the Maria Montessori teaching methodology hones my personal teaching philosophy with the much-needed individualized teaching strategy. The strategy emphasizes tailoring the appropriate teaching strategy to fit the learning speed and capacity of each unique growing child the learning is grounded on children’s independence within tolerable limits. Montessori teaching strategy involves adapting the learning process to each child’s social development, psychological development, and physical development stage, using age-based learning activities. Teaching includes using the child’s using the five senses. Music and the child’s touching the object to be learned to enhance the learning process, discovery learning. The process involves the child acting out to show he or she understands the lessons (Prato 1).

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