Here   is the paper requirement for this assignment. It is worth 100 points and 15% of   your final grade.
Use   the following as your CHECKLIST BEFORE SUBMITTING.
___1,    Write a 1000 word argumentative paper
___2,    in which you take a position on one of the topics below.
___3,    Make sure your paper has a clear thesis on your position IN THE FIRST   PARAGRAPH,
___4,    a logical argument that supports your position in the following two   paragraphs,
___5,    and is clearly linked to the Learning Resources
___6,    and uses at least two citations and quotations.
___7,    You must also include at least one paragraph of what the other side   would say in this argument, identifying the source of the counter argument   with proper in-text citation and reference at the end.
___8,    and you should try to counter that argument.
___9,   provide a summary statement at the end of the paper, AND
___10,   don’t forget to properly cite in-text and provide the references at the end.
___11. Submit   in the Assignment Folder as well as in  Failure to submit   in either one represents a loss of 50% of the grade.  Go to the first   announcement page for information on how to register with

The   topics are:

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1.   Euthanasia: A right or a tragedy?

2.   Death Penalty: Yes, No, Sometimes?

3.   Abortion: Women’s rights or better alternatives?

4.   Animal Rights: Should we care? How much?

The   grading rubric for each paper is holistic:
A   papers: (90-100) Are strong in grammar, organization, clarity and   argumentation, have a clear thesis and an argument or analysis supporting   that thesis and are clearly linked to the eResources with some use of at   least two citations and quotations. Papers should include at least one   paragraph that covers what the other side of the argument would say on this   issue with proper citations and your rebuttal.  Papers provide in-text   citations and references.
B   papers: (80-89) Lack some of the qualities of A papers but are still   reasonably strong.
C   papers: (70-79) Lack a good number of the qualities of A papers, and are   solid but not strong.
D   papers: (60-69) Lack enough of the qualities of this paper that they are   below acceptable college standards.
F   papers: (0-59) Missed the boat entirely or violate plagiarism rules.
Submit   in the assignment folder AND in turnitin.  Failure to submit in either   side will result in a 50% penalty in the assignment’s grade.
Rubric Name: Paper Rubric





Format & Presentation

5 points

Follows     all directions well.
    (5 points)

4 points

Follows     directions fairly well.
(4-5     points)

3 points

Follows     most directions.
    (3-4 points)

3 points

Does     not follow some directions.
(2-3     points)

2 points

Does     not follow directions.
(0-2     points)
Thesis or Position Statement

10 points

Clear,     well-stated thesis or position statement.
    (9-10 points)

9 points

Clear     thesis or position statement.
(8-9     points)

8 points

Includes     thesis or position statement. Statement may not be clearly stated.
    (7-8 points)

3 points

Lacks     coherent thesis or position statement.
(2-3     points)

2 points

Lacks     thesis or position statement.
(0-2     points)
Composition and Writing Mechanics

10 points

Excellent     grammar, organization, and clarity.
    (9-10 points)

9 points

Very     good grammar, organization, and clarity.
    (8-9 points)

8 points

Some     issues with grammar, organization, and clarity.
    (7-8 points)

7 points

Significant     issues with grammar, organization and clarity.
(6-7     points)

6 points

Grammar,     organization and/or clarity are insufficient.
(0-6     points)
Development of Argument &     Support of Thesis

50 points

Excellent     argument or analysis supporting that supports thesis and is clearly linked     to the Learning Resources
    (45-50 points)

44 points

Very     good argument or analysis supporting that supports thesis and is clearly     linked to the Learning Resources
    (40-44 points)

39 points

Argument     or analysis that supports thesis may lack structure and/or logic and may     not be clearly linked to the Learning Resources
    (35-39 points)

35 points

Lacks     well-developed argument and/or support for thesis. Does not use eResources     well.
(30-35     points)

30 points

Lacks     argument and support of thesis. Does not use eResources at all, or use is     irrelevant.
Objection Paragraph &     Rebuttal

20 points

Includes     thoughtful paragraph covering other side of issue and offers successful     rebuttal.
    (18-20 points)

17 points

Includes     paragraph covering other side of issue and offers rebuttal.
    (16-17 points)

16 points

May     not include relevant paragraph covering other side of issue and/or may not     offer successful rebuttal.
    (14-16 points)

14 points

Objection     paragraph missing or not developed. Lacks rebuttal.
(12-14     points)

12 points

No     objection paragraph or rebuttal.
(0-12     points)
Use of eResources, Quotes &     Citations

5 points

Uses     Learning Resources strategically. Cites sources properly. Proper use of     quotes when appropriate.
    (5 points)

4 points

Uses     Learning Resources. Cites most sources properly. Proper use of quotes when     appropriate.
    (4-5 points)

3 points

Lacks     some use of Learning Resources. May not cite sources properly. May not use     quotes properly when appropriate.
    (3-4 points)

3 points

Does     not use eResources properly or at all. Lacks proper formatting for quotes     and citations.
(2-3     points)

2 points

Does     not use eResources, proper citations or quotes or violates plagiarism     rules.
(0-2     points)
Overall Score

Level 5
    29 or more

Level 4
    23 or more

Level 3
    17 or more

Level 2
    11 or more

Level 1
    0 or more

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