Personal Construct Psychology by George Kelly.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Personal Construct Psychology by George Kelly. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Humans are endowed with a more developed brain system and genetically driven to infuse with their environment, as a social being, and according to Chomsky “wired up” for “symbolic language development. It is through language that we have been able to realize and articulate a multitude of worlds ranging from the most basic and practical to the most abstract and metaphysical.” (Cade & Hudson, 1993, p.22). Through symbolic internal and interpersonal language, we differentiate and interpret the constructs of our “realities.”

Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) has wide application in the field of management studies, knowledge modeling in artificial intelligence, education, business and marketing, and cognitive science. According to Kelly people are “personal scientists’ engaged in anticipating the world and a person anticipates events by construing their replications (1955 p.50) A person’s memory storing and retrieving process moves through a channel adapted for realizing their objective and the grooves provide templates for construing events which he termed “personal constructs.” Kelly’s philosophy of constructive alternativism asserts that “the reality is subject to many alternative constructions since it does not reveal to us directly but through the templets that we create and then attempt to fit over the world.” (1955)

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Personal Construct Psychology by George Kelly.
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It is assumed that knowledge is an internalized representation of reality, and originates from observation. In an experiment conducted among physical education teachers, it is observed that it is the practice that counts, not theory for most pre-service teachers. It is necessary to consider the personal constructs, using Kelly’s repertory grid technique, to ascertain the teacher’s personal construction of beliefs about teaching in their own practice.

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