Adrian Corona Speech 101 Pele- Informative Speech Introduction: 1. Attention Getter- “My father always told me, football is a gift from god, and god gave you this gift, just how he gives a song to a musician, or a singer. So you have to take care of your health, how you prepare yourself, and you always have to respect your opponents, and if you do that you will be a great player and no one will stop you. ” This is one famous quote from Pele’s book “My life, and The Beautiful Game. ”
Brief Intro- Edison Arantes do Nascimento, more known as Pele was one of, if not the greatest footballer in the world. He was born on October 23, 1940 in Tres Coracoes, Brazil. At only 15, he began to play professional football, and made a huge impact in his team, as well as the national team. Even though Edison was his real name, Pele caught on because it means a miracle in Hebrew. He did not like it at first, but got use to it. He is regarded by many players and fans as the best footballer of all time. Thesis- Today I will talk on behalf how and why Pele is known as the world’s best footballer.
Preview Statement- First I will talk about Pele’s youth career, next I will talk on behalf of his career stats, and highs, and finally I will talk on how Pele impacted the game in many ways. Body 1. Main Point 1- Pele’s Youth Career A. Pele was first spotted by another football star named Waldemar de Brito. He knew from the beginning that he had an indescribable talent, and had to be signed right away. So Pele began playing for Santos at 15 and his national team at 16, and won his first world cup at 17. Even though he had many offer from European clubs, he could not leave Brazil because of the law.

He even was declared a national treasure in 1961 by President Janio Quadros of Brazil. b. This made him stay in Santos for almost two decades, but brought much success to the team, as well as for him. (Which I will get into later) “It seems as if Edison was born with a football. I remember that even before he could walk, he would have a ball with him, and once he could, well that was that. You would always see him playing with his little friends, and what kept him going was not only the love of the game, but looking up to his father”, says his mother in his book “My Life and the Beautiful Game. Transitional statement- Now I will move on to Pele’s many career stat’s, and all time career highs. Main Point 2- Pele Career Stats and Highs A. Supporting Point- At the end of his career, Pele was known as “The Black Pearl”, or “The King Pele”. This name caught on for many reasons. a. Pele was known for his accomplishments and contributions to the game of football. For one, Pele has many awards and records. Some of them are: c. In 1999, he was voted Player of the Century by the International Federation of Football.
In that same year Pele was elected “Athlete of the Century” by the “International Olympic Committee and Reuters News Agency. ” He was the best well paid athlete of the world for his time. e. He is the most successful league scorer in the world with 541 league goals. In total, he scored 1281 in 1363 matches. Won the world cup 3 times (World Record 1958,1962, 1970) Won numerous titles with Santos, such as the Copa Libertadores, Intercontinental Cup. (Both in 1962, 1963), Supercopa de Campeones Internacionales (1968), and many, many more. These accomplishments are with Santos only, not the Cosmos) h. He was also one of the best players in the world cups he participated in, receiving the Silver Boot, Silver Ball, and Golden Ball. As well as the all time leading scorer with 77 goals in the national team. i. With a record high of 40 official titles, and a few more runner up titles, Pele without a doubt was considered as the greatest footballer of all time. Pele is also acknowledgeable for his vocal support of policies to improve conditions for the poor. He even dedicated his 1000th goal to the poor children of Brazil. . Even after retirement, Pele was still around serving as a worldwide ambassador and has taken many roles for participating in FIFA events such as promotions for the world cup. Transitional Statement- After getting some idea of his many accomplishments, I will finally talk about the ways Pele changed the game of Football forever. Main Point 3- The change Pele brought to Football. A. Supporting Point- Pele brought many new ways to play football. a. For one, he was one of the first to do actual tricks in a match of football.
For example a top hat in his first world cup. No other team has ever seen something like this. Pele also set many new standards for the game. He set many records that people still try to break to this day. He also made other players strive to become as successful as he did. Made, and encouraged many players to become more than just a good player that they already are. He was one of the reasons why the prices in the contracts of footballers went up because when more than one team will bid for the same player, they added more money too it.
And according to the New York Times, Pele is seen as an all rounded player, being the player that he was, and being committed to helping out his country, which makes him almost unreachable by other footballers. Now I will conclude my topic of The one and only Pele
Pele is seen as the world’s best footballer. Today I have informed you about Edison, or more known as Pele, and his youth career, career stats and highs, and how he changed the game forever. Even though there are many great footballers like Maradonna, Hugo Sanchez, Ronaldihno, and many others, no one has compared to The King, Pele.
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