Papal is a kind of financial instrument that connects the plastic, credit card or any bank account with a user account on the system, which makes it possible at any moment to replenish their balance in the system, to make any payments, withdraw money. 1. 0 The history of success Papal – is the largest electronic money system in the world designed to make payments on the Internet. Papal is making it possible for users to make their money into your account using a mobile phone connected to the Internet.
In 1998, Max Levin, Luke Noses, and Peter Thiele founded the company Continuity, whose task was o develop cryptographic applications that might be used in the implementation of electronic payment transactions using mobile phones. This project is interested in several investors – Deutsche Bank, which has invested in the project, is $ 1. 5 million, and Monika Ventures – they implemented an infusion of $ 3 million. In 1999, Leon Musk founded the company X. Com Corporation, which was engaged in a variety of financial services on the Internet.
Considering the needs of the market, the developers of the company is mainly focused on the creation of an electronic moment system via e-mail. In November 1999 there was a merger of the two companies – X. Com Corporation and Continuity, resulting in a new company – Papal Ink. Officially, the company Papal launched Just over a year – in February 2000, the site was set up Papal. Com Here is some strategic ways which Papal use to got success in business: Active and intelligent campaign, which promotes the benefits of electronic payment system Papal became to the fact that a large number of investors, among which were the major U. S. Ankhs, interested in the project. As a exult, the development of e- money system Papal has invested 23 million dollars, and the rapid development of the Internet has played into the hands of the founders of the company – a large number of users of the system who appreciate the convenience of this form of transaction. Within six months of the payment system Papal enjoyed a half million people, the turnover amounted to two million dollars, and more than one million of the world of auctions used this system for their monetary transactions. Registration has opened Papal convenience and new opportunities for different market participants.

At the same time the system was introduced improvements – was possible to invest Papal, and receive monthly dividends. In February 2002, the U. S. Stock market, Papal will put shares at $ 900 million. And in 2006, the electronic payment system Papal was awarded the “Best Financial Site A year later, the system had available for users of Papal in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Astrakhan. In 2008, Papal has released a card Papal Top Up, which allowed the system to attract a new range of customers and has made it possible to provide services in off-line mode.
Papal become famous revolution in the oral of information technology, as allowed to make payments instantly even with a regular mobile phone. In order to send or receive money, do not need to do anything to make out – enough to activate and send a message Today, the remarkable system Papal – the undisputed leader in its sector and so far no one service does not attract the same number of customers as the project. Papal is licensed agencies that monitor and regulate the activities of all financial institutions in the U. S. , so the system has a certain impact on the entire sector.
All electronic user accounts are ensured, are denominated in U. S. Currency, money is in the bank Wells Fargo. It is also important that the system is constantly evolving – many famous people say this is what the Internet as the main factor of popularity. Thus, the service now supports not only the U. S. Currency , but such different currencies , the Euro , Australian dollar , Canadian dollar , pound sterling, Chinese Yuan , the Japanese yen , the Hungarian forint , the Hong Kong dollar , the Danish and Czech crown , the Polish zloty , New Zealand dollar, Singapore dollar , the Norwegian crone , the Swiss bank and the
Swedish Akron . Also among the benefits of the famous service Papal, which determine its relevance , it is worth noting , such as the maximum ease of use , user- friendly interface, international, multilingual and multi-currency , the ability of mobile payments, the maximum level of safety , insurance funds. Implementation of transactions in multiple currencies at the same time In the Papal system created function “Working with different currencies” to facilitate payments between foreign parties. Papal offers exchange rates, competitive exchange rates relative to other client services.
The most current information on exchange rates based on the “interbrain exchange rates” Inter-bank exchange rates are established in the course of currency trading in a global network of more than 1,000 banks, and the channels are not available to customers or retailers. Customers can use these courses are for reference purposes, but should not rely on the inter-bank exchange rates in transactions where the conversion takes place. For current rates contact your local financial institution or an exchange office or see the course, reflected in your transaction Papal. 3. 0 Papal – increasing to globalization
The online payment system Papal has announced the beginning of its work on the market at once, and 87 new states. Therefore, the list of countries with which operates Papal increased to 190. List of new countries includes countries such as : Albania , Algeria , Angola , Antigen and Barbuda , Armenia , Azerbaijan , Belize , Benign , Bhutan , Bolivia, Bosnia and Herringbone , Bulgaria , Burning Fast , Burundi , Cambodia , Chad , Colombia , Cosmos , Democratic Republic of the Congo , Republic of the Congo , Cook Islands , Outside , Dominica , El Salvador , Reiterate , Ethiopia , Fare
Islands, Gabon , Gambia , Greenland , Grenade , Guatemala , Guiana , Guiana- Bissau , Guyana , Honduras, Astrakhan , Kenya , Jackrabbit, Kuwait, Gyrations , Laos , Lesotho , Madagascar , Malawi , Mali , Marshall Islands , Mauritania , Micronesia , Mongolia , Morocco , Macaque , Naira , Nepal , Nicaragua , Niger , Nine, Norfolk Island , Oman , Papal , Panama , Papua Papua New Guiana, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Rwanda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines , San Marino , SAA Tome and Principle , Saudi Arabia , Senegal , Seychelles , Sierra Leone , Somalia , Sir Lankan, Surname,
Scabbard and Ian Mane , Swaziland , Atkinson , Tanzania , Transmittal , Tuba , Uganda , Vaunt , Vatican City , Yemen and Zambia . Adding support for new languages will primarily Spanish- , French- and Chinese- speaking users to avoid a certain kind of confusion when making online purchases. Customers using the web browser on one of these three languages , with the first site visit will be prompt to translate it into the language of their browser. We are very excited about our expansion into new markets around the world, as well as adding the ability to view our website in three ewe languages. Recent innovation allows users to directly in 46 countries and work with us in their own language. This will help make both internal and international payments easier and safer for millions of customers around the world, “commented innovation Dana Stalled (Dana Stalled), senior vice president of Papal. Add that to the moment Papal has 143 million user accounts worldwide.
In the first quarter of 2007, the volume of payments through Papal amounted to more than $ 11 billion. Http://ahead. Org/archives/ahead_archive/may-Junco/0066. HTML Globalization in e-commerce: Papal arrives in Russia November 1, the international online payment system Papal starts working with Russian rubles. This information is contained in the text of the amendments to the “User Agreement” and ” Privacy Policy В» Papal. As the portal Moneys. Our, document, in particular, establishes an equivalent charged for transactions through Papal commissions in Russian rubles.
Thus, the fixed charge for domestic payments in foreign currency will be 10 rubles, and for incompetents between users from different countries – only 2 of the ruble. The maximum size of the Commission for Mass Payments in Russia and around the world is set at 240 rubles and 1,400 rubles, respectively. The fee for “greenbacks” will be 64 rubles. For active users Papal, freelancers, online stores and services especially relevant is the question of the possibility of withdrawing from a purse in the Papal account in a Russian bank. Confirmed information on this matter until it has none.
Back in April 2012, Papal will filed documents with the CAB to create a non-bank credit organizations ( Nags), but still do not know at what stage the approval of documents . Optimistic predictions that the withdrawal of funds to the accounts of Russian banks will be available simultaneously with the upcoming November 1 changes can neither confirm nor deny. On the one hand, of course, the arrival of Papal will make an additional stimulus to the development of e- commerce in Russia at the expense of the same eBay and foreign online stores often provide more favorable conditions for buyers.
On the other hand, many experts and members of the Russian market of e-commerce users to predict the outflow popular now in the country of online payment service to Papal. The undoubted advantage for Runner is to increase the level of confidence of taxpayers to payments on the internet and projected in connection with the introduction of market growth Papal e- commerce in general, Russia 4. 0 Do you use Papal? Yes, of course I use.
And here are the reasons why I choose Papal Because, Papal is the easiest and safest method of payment, which will save you the headache and confusion can quickly build a successful positive feedback. Once the client has paid for the goods, Papal immediately, within a few seconds sends you an email notification that the money is credited to the account. Nice to wake up in the morning, open the email and see the yawning so dear words – muff got Cash!!! ” Papal is enjoyed by people from 190 countries. What else is good Papal to me?
Do you have the money in the account, which will allow you to get a debit card fast enough! If the situation is such that you cannot use a credit card relative, and get a debit card there is no possibility of that is not available even hundreds of dollars, which would be put in a bank account, Papal will take you Just a cool way out of the situation. After 60 days of opening a Papal account and the money is transferred o this account from trading on eBay, make an application for obtaining card. Debit card Papal allows you to pay for goods and services both online and in real life.
You can open one of the three types of accounts on Papal: Personal Accounts, Premier Accounts, Business Accounts. Open the Premier Account, as in the Personal there are many limitations, such as the owners of Personal Accounts debit card is not entitled. In the case of Premier Accounts you will have a good prospect of a debit card, and a little later, and credit cards. When you send money to the Premier Account, then you will not be taking fee. If you sold it on eBay and either you received money on account, Papal will take with you a small fee.
According to statistics, about 78 % of the visitors are eBay’s Papal account. Buyers who do not have such an account could send me a check or Money Order, but I deliberately refuse this. I refuse it for one reason; I want to live in peace. The fact is that, the letters sent checks. Sometimes the letters are delayed, buyers are nervous, you’re too worried. I cannot force you to use your example predominantly Papal for billing the customer, each with its own head on his holders, but I cannot resist the Board: I am very happy with Palsy’s service. 5. Conclusion If briefly conclude, today, the remarkable system Papal – the undisputed leader in its sector and so far no one service does not attract the same number of customers as the project. Also among the benefits of the famous service Papal, which determine its relevance , it is worth noting , such as the maximum ease of use , user-friendly interface , international, multilingual and multi-currency , the ability of mobile payments , the maximum level of safety , insurance funds. And that the company is irking without stopping in many countries to satisfy their customers.
Example for innovation is mobile wallet: Papal is ready to accelerate their adoption by the insertion of additional services designed to give consumers a reason to use the Papal wallet into several categories and merchants to give a reason to consider adding another method of payment. If Papal has several features, so why don’t use it? My choice is Papal. 6. 0 Reference World Wide Web HTTPS://www. Papal-media. Com/ http://www. Freelancer. Mix/page. PH? P=info/terms HTTPS://www. Papal-media. Com/history

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