Paper Assignment

Paper Assignment:

You will have to select and answer two (2) sociological questions. Each answer must be at least one full page in length, but no more than 2 pages. Therefore your paper will be from 2 to 4 pages total; no less, no more. The questions will be familiar as they will come directly or indirectly from either the text or discussion questions. Your responses should be developed analytically and be more than opinion-based. In other words, use the knowledge from your reading to support your answer. You may also use additional sources of your choosing but if you do so, you MUST cite your sources.

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Paper Assignment
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Your paper should be formatted as follows: 1-inch margins: top, bottom, right, and left.  The font must be Times New Roman (size 12) or a similar type.  The paper should be double spaced.  The actual content of the paper must be at least one full page, meaning, the title and your name do NOT count toward the one-page minimum requirement.  

The questions from which you will select are: 

1)  Why does the U.S. have one of the highest rates of incarceration?  Do you believe that U.S. citizens are inherently more deviant?

2) How does the split labor market lead to further separation between the rich and the poor?

3) Discuss the ways in which the theory of life chances contributes to having/obtaining wealth, power, and success.

4) Describe how the dehumanization process takes place within an organization with which you are familiar. Consider how statuses and roles within organizations contribute to dehumanization.

5) What types of social changes, social problems, and social benefits might occur from the increase in life expectancy?

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