Overview of the Government of Japan.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Overview of the Government of Japan. The constitution of Japan is enacted as a revision to the earlier version that existed in the pre-war period. As a feature of the new constitution, the executive and the legislative branches are accountable to each other and this is known as a fusion form of government. The constitution of Japan states that Japan follows a parliamentary form of government. The constitution grants certain fundamental rights to citizens.

After the war that took place, the party which has been in the leadership position most of the time is the Liberal Democratic Party. The policy-making that has taken place in the party arena has thus been mostly within the Liberal Democratic Party. The bureaucracy in Japan also plays a major role in the policy-making of the country. In the USA and England, the bureaucrats implement policies but do not enact any policies. However the same cannot be said about Japan. In Japan, there are several features that make the bureaucrats of Japan different from those of Great Britain and the USA. There are several causes behind the same:

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2. Japan is one of those rare countries is where being a bureaucrat is a highly respected occupation subject to the fact that one clears a high-level entrance examination. A higher level in the bureaucracy is dominated by the top grads of different top law schools in the country.

7. The fact that emerges from the above points is that most of the policies that are enacted in Japan are through the process of bargaining between the cabinet ministers of the Liberal Democratic Party and the prime ministers, leaders of factions that exist within the party, bureaucracy, business and the labor leaders.

The political system in Japan has three types of elections. One of the elections is the general elections that is held every 4 years and elect members to the House of Representatives. The election for the house of councilors is held every three years in order to choose half of its members (Library of Congress,&nbsp.2010). There are also local elections that are held every four years in order to choose members in offices of prefectures, cities and villages. In 1996, The Japanese government adopted a new election system that was hybrid for holding elections in the lower house.

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